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    Chicken Friends!

    That is a great story! That is the kind of story that I had in mind for this thread. Our fluffy babies bring us so much joy in a world where we can feel overwhelmed with bad news every day. It is good to step back and appreciate the simple goodness in nature.
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    Chicken Friends!

    Let's get a positive thread going. I posted before about how my blue silkie gets bullied by my production reds but not my white leghorns. Well, I witnessed something last week that warmed by heart. I let my flock out to roam like I'd been doing since the weather has been warmer. Each day...
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    Cooped up Silkie

    We all know that Silkies don't get the respect that they should in a flock in general. Well, I have a blue silkie who is the eldest of my flock. She is the only silkie with about six white leghorns and five production reds. The reds have always been quite aggressive with the silkie. Not to...
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    June Hatch-A-Long! (Blue Ameraucanas for me!)

    My Momma Silkie with one of her six babies. The rest are under her. Of the ten eggs two were duds, one an early quitter, and one died during hatch. The rest are happily cuddling with Mom. My Silkie has wanted babies for more than three years and she sounds content to finally have them.
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    June Hatch-A-Long! (Blue Ameraucanas for me!)

    Yesterday was supposed to be hatch day. I checked on my broody before coming to work tonight and saw the empty shell of one chick and heard some cheaping so I know that I have one chick so far. I didn't want to disturb momma just yet. I'll check again in the morning. So excited about my ayam...
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    June Hatch-A-Long! (Blue Ameraucanas for me!)

    I have 10 Ayam Cemani eggs due to hatch on June 19th. I have had them all in the incubator since Memorial day but have moved two eggs under my broody silkie today after I moved her to my nursery coop. I plan to add the rest slowly as it gets closer to hatch day so that she will be able to be a...
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    Moving a broody hen

    Today I had to move my broody silkie to my "nursery coop" today. I have used it in the past to move chicks with the rest of the flock but keep them safe while they can be seen. It is one of those cheap store bought coops with the wire along the bottom. I then have it inside my larger run...
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    Chicken Breed Focus - Ayam Cemani

    I found a local breeder in my area and got ten eggs from him on Memorial day weekend. I put them all in the incubator on Memorial day and I slipped two out and put them under my broody silkie today. I plan to slip the rest of them under her as it gets close to hatch time. I just didn't want...
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    New member in Lexington, NC (Davidson County)

    If you are in the city limits, just don't get roosters. In the county, no problems unless you move into a HOA of course.
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    OMG my chickens ATE Mice, HELP!!!!

    Chickens are omnivores which means that some meat is good for them. Btw, just because you don't give it to them doesn't mean they haven't had any. They have no doubt eaten worms and bugs already; not to mention mice and lizards that you haven't seen. Likely enough, either the chickens were...
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    Dumbest Things People Have Said About Your Chickens/Eggs/Meat - Part 2 : Chicken Boogaloo.

    Aww that's really sad but at least you found her and she lived happily! I wonder how many chickens fall off chicken trucks... and forgive my extreme ignorance here, ironic on this thread, but when you say Tyson truck do you mean a meat bird they were gonna kill or does Tyson have egg chickens...
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    Dumbest Things People Have Said About Your Chickens/Eggs/Meat - Part 2 : Chicken Boogaloo.

    My dad used to be apart of an experiment where they made the "glow-fish" by splicing Jellyfish DNA and adding it to Zebra fish. The results were very cool. On that note, imagine adding that DNA to your chickens? Glow in the dark chickens! Unfortunately, that would make them easier to...
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    Dumbest Things People Have Said About Your Chickens/Eggs/Meat - Part 2 : Chicken Boogaloo.

    Quote: My first rabbit was a Netherland Dwarf. He was so territorial of his litterbox and SPOILED. If the cat so much as sniffed his litterbox he would hop up on his hutch and not come down until his box was LYSOLED! He'd even pee on his hutch for spite if we didn't.
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