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    2016 Gosling Hatch-a-long

    I'll get better pics tonight, but here's a few from this morning.(arrived today!) Hoping it's early enough they settle in and lay eggs. I bought a new brinsea octagon incubator. Excited to finally have something better than my lg Styrofoam ones I've always used. Just need eggs! I do have...
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    I will get better pics this evening after work. They arrived safe and healthy. I love them so much, they are just what I expected.
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    I lost my sebbies best a few days before hatch due to flooding. It's heartbreaking losing them when they are so close. My geese shipped today!
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    2016 Gosling Hatch-a-long

    Hey miss Lydia and janet! Long time no talk! I went through some personal stuff last summer and as my geese, most of my birds actually. But I'm ready to start again! I've ordered an adult pair of Oregon mini frillback geese from holderreads. They should be here this month, so hoping they settle...
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    So happy to see this thread and your beautiful geese learycow! I just put my check in the mailbox for a mini frillback pair from holderreads(frillback gander smooth goose), so should have them within a few weeks. I am so excited! Hoping they're half as cute as the ones on this thread.
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    Bugs on eggs

    I have seen those on my eggs a few times. Checked my birds thoroughly and never saw any on them, came to the conclusion they were straw/itch mites in my case. Nasty things, unlike chicken mites they also bite people. Later I found them in the bag of pine shavings I'd just bought, switched feed...
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    New Member

    Welcome! Good choice on the leghorns. Wonderful layers and great foragers, and personally I love the looks of them.
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    Noobie here in Central IN.

    Congrats on deciding to get chickens! Sounds like you're doing a great job planning and getting things all ready.
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    Processing Day Support Group ~ HELP us through the Emotions PLEASE!

    The cut was my fault. I was down to the last one (did 4) and wasn't being too careful, just rushing to get it done, and it was dark by then. Small price to pay for peace in the flock though, lol!
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    Processing Day Support Group ~ HELP us through the Emotions PLEASE!

    I procrastinated awhile, but my flock is down to one drake. It's a heck of a job for one not very big person! Ended up duct taping legs and wings. Plucking actually wasn't too bad, perfect timing so no pin feathers. I had "helpers" for the first, did the rest on my own. Managed to slice my hand...
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    Cackle turkeys

    Hi! I used to have turkeys, a midget white and lilac colored mutts. For various reasons I sold them a few years ago, but this year I decided to give turkeys another try. I ended up going in half on an order of royal palm poults from cackle with a friend. I'm excited, I've admired rp's for...
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    new to meat chickens, help!

    Both. :) I prefer the taste of broilers honestly. It doesn't have as strong a flavor or the same texture of a heritage bird, but that's fine with me. I did heritage (buckeyes)last year. They were great in soup and dumplings, much better flavor. Not enough meat to feed my family with one by...
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    Please help me understand meat eaters not wanting to process a chicken!

    Agree Beekissed. I am "tough" enough to slit my chickens throats because I am sensitive enough to put their needs first. It's not fulfilling for a chicken to spend it's life in a packed warehouse. It's scary going to the processing plant. I probably wouldn't eat meat if I didn't raise it...
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    Protective Geese

    In my experience geese make good watch dogs, horrible guard dogs. They will hang around the ducks occasionally, rarely the chickens, but are just as likely to go their own way and not be around when trouble arrives. And they are more likely to be taken by a predator than a chicken, waterfowl...
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