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    Any Home Bakers Here?

    I baked 2 Amish Friendship Bread recipes... Double chocolate chip muffins and apple streusel cake. Both turned out really yummy. Does anyone have experience with fresh coconut? I house sat for my neighbors who spent a couple of weeks in FL> They always bring us a big box of citrus fruits and...
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    Fox trapping

    Hi and welcome to BYC! I've been fortunate enough to not have predator issues, though many on this site have the experience and the advice you are looking for. Check out the predators and pests section, it's full of great tips and people are more than willing to help around here!
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    Broody Bald Eagle

    I'm jealous! I would also be bald eagle obsessed if I had a pair living on my property !!! I've only seen them in my area a handful of times, the last time being the one we saw last month. We actually turned around and went back. On the way back down the hill I saw a different large bird with no...
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    Broody Bald Eagle

    Hi Jedwards, we're neighbors, I'm near Bethel. NOT looking forward to the snow coming but near 40 degrees tomorrow will feel like a heat wave! I only came across this cam after they hatched their eaglets last year, I'm glad I tried the link this morning. According to an article from their site...
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    Broody Bald Eagle

    I posted a link last year to a Pennsylvania Game commission cam set up on a bald eagle nest in the Pittsburgh, PA area. The pair is back and have 2 eggs so far. It's evidently snowing in Pittsburgh today...
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    We have lived here 12 yrs. The neighbors behind us always had a huge population of cats that they would only feed a couple of times per week. The neighbors beside us started feeding them daily because they felt bad for them and over the last several years have managed to get the majority spayed/...
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    I'm gonna get married!

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    Any Home Bakers Here?

    I've got the Amish Friendship Bread starter going. Anyone who would like to receive a starter can PM me. Should have at least 5 starters to send out. I'm going to let it go until I do the first bake which will be next weekend so I would be able to mail them out on the 23rd.
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    Competetive/ casual target shooting

    We like to shoot as well. Just target practice for fun. Our property is too small to shoot here but I belong to a local rod & gun club so we have a range to go to. I'm very anxious for better weather. My husband got me a glock 17 for Christmas and my son who is 12 received a rifle for Christmas...
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    Official Nurse Mare/ Orphan Foal Thread------Rescuing/Raising Nurse Mare Foals

    I am so happy to hear you have an older horse to keep the youngsters in line! That's awesome- truly the best case scenario. Make sure you post lots of pictures!!! I have seen many sad things too. I was a teenager when I was an Arab show groom. We had a 4yo colt that had spent time with a...
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    Official Nurse Mare/ Orphan Foal Thread------Rescuing/Raising Nurse Mare Foals

    I experienced working with several horses that had been orphaned and bottle raised. One was an Arab show horse, one was at the racetrack and one was at a barn that prepped for sales. I can't attest to the way they were raised but I recall they had a common trait and that was their total lack of...
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    Hey Grandpa, What's for Supper? Part 2

    One of hubby's favorites: Chicken fried steak, mashed taters, green beans & white gravy.
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    Any Home Bakers Here?

    I had one a few years ago- good stuff, I love how versatile it is! I have the recipe to start it, I will get some started and will gladly send you a starter bag. I'll will post on this thread for anyone else who wants a starter. I'm so considering sending off for the sourdough starter posted in...
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    What do you wish veterinarians knew about chickens?

    I certainly think you're on the right track as far as bring to the attention of veterinarian community that backyard poultry is most definitely on the rise. I am in a very rural area, there is not a vet that I know of that would even treat a sick chicken. I have been very fortunate to not...
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    calling all wild bird feeders!!

    One of the reasons other than I love to take photos, is that I'm hoping for a really clear shot for identification purposes. Once I start looking on the wildlife sites it's amazing how many similar looking birds there are. My neighbors refer to it as a sparrow hawk, but while there are species...
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