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    Help! What's wrong with eye? PIC

    looks like crd too. she having any breathing problems.
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    tried and true method for figuring out if/what one hen is laying?

    i have hear of putting a few drops of food coloring in her vent. it will dye the eggs.
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    Turner quit. Can I go on without turning them?

    take to motor off and flip it by hand. it works good that way. till you get a new motor.
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    What breeding projects are you working on or planning to work on?

    here is a pic of my own make of buff red leghorns.
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    What breeding projects are you working on or planning to work on?

    i am working on my own breed of buff redish colored leghorns. they are laying cream to white eggs. i got a few of this years in the bator. cant wait to see what the color looks like this year.
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    Does any one use an LG strictly as a hatcher?

    i got one i use that way. I start my eggs in a big homemade one and put them in the LG for hatching. i done it last year and hatched every 7 days.
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    Pumpkin Hulsey feather color

    my hatch really go to looking good at about a 10 months to a year old.
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    Sick Hen - Mouth Breathing

    look in her mouth and see if she has canker. it's a yellow cheese looking stuff. it will make them breath funny and not eat right. here is a page about Poultry diseases. you might have alook and see something.
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    B.B. Red Old English Game / Loud Roosters?

    they are no louder than my other roos. but with that being said they are more aggressive, if another roo come in his area he will protect it.
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    Australorp Eggs

    i would send you some if mine were laying right now. but they are on break. hope you find some.
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    How much are you paying for layer pellets?

    $7.75 for a 50lb bag of 16% layer pellets. about $12 for some 22% pellets.
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    breeding leghorns pure or crossing with black lorps

    i have rir bread by a lt brown leghorn crosses. and they scratch the yard and woods up looking for stuff. don't know about how they are laying because they are only 4 months old and not laying yet. not even my old hens are laying right now. but good luck.
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    Leghorn Cross??

    most of them will bee white with leaking color. the white is dominate. i only got one hen left. she is about 6 months old her pop was white leghorn and mom was black asutralop. she is white with grey leaking trough.
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    chciken invaders

    found this. check it out.
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    Show Off Your Games!

    Here is one i just picked up. He is a kelso. and here is a hen i going to put with him.
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