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    Severely depressed chicken :(

    I posted the other day about Lulus friend (only have the two chickens) Tilly having a tumor. I ended up Friday having her put to sleep. Lulu is not wanting to come out of her coop. Shes pretty much stopped eating, taking a few pinches of food out of my hands. Since Saturday I have gone and got...
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    Help Diagnosed Tumor Tumour - alternatives?

    Forgot to add, the vet recommended putting her to sleep.
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    Help Diagnosed Tumor Tumour - alternatives?

    Will attempt to be brief. Friday (NZ) afternoon discovered what I thought was a wound - black scab 5cm wide, red around edges, small amount of puss. Got in to see vet Saturday afternoon - verdict tumor. she removed the scab and put some powder on to help contain bit of bleeding. Now on Friday...
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    New sunroof / protecting roof

    Hi everyone, My Dad came down from Paraparaumu other weekend to see if he could help with the leaking into the coop. Have added some pics. The blue used tarpoline / ground cover is not the best quality. It is what I originally had covering the coop, but water had been getting through a little...
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    Red bottom, dealing with symptoms - Mites? temporary solution

    Hi everyone, been away for a bit, hope everybody is doing well. I know it is only a temporary solution until I deal totally to the coop. Thought I was dealing with a behavourial problem, with Tilly a number of times a day pecking Lulu. Did the whole, put Lulu in top of coop, Tilly down the...
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    Craziest reason I went to the hospital Thursday night

    Memory about something that can help with the bloating (which in many cases is trapped wind), it's not exactly pleasant tasting, but say half a teaspoon of baking soda into half to cup of warm water. Try sipping to begin with. To me it can taste a bit soapie. Not sure if you have any issues like...
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    Chicken pecked my eye

    Hi there, Yesterday, Lulu pecked my eye. It didnt feel too bad, but when I went to drive to local store in the afternoon my eye started watering profusely. Had to keep pulling over and stopping. Ended up covering my eye with one hand and driving with other. Noticed in mirror that from the edge...
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    Craziest reason I went to the hospital Thursday night

    Hi there, hope you are feeling better. Not sure if you have heard about tummy massage. Did a quick look on you tube Actual massage starts at 2.21 When I studied bowen back in 2000, I remember our tutor saying that the slower you go the deeper you go. If you are constipated, take it gently. I...
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    Mixing oyster shell and flint grit?

    Hi Fishkeeper, Thank you for replying. These days with using phone and tablets more it is so I can track visually what I am typing, not having to slide back and forth. Needing to have size on screen much larger than what I used to. I don't tend to do it when using a desktop because nothing...
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    Mixing oyster shell and flint grit?

    Morning / afternoon / evening :) Questions - is it okay to have shell and grit in same dish? What have others experienced, as I have read about having Them separate? When I first got Tilly and Lulu I was going To go get second hand small gumboots And fill one with grit and one with shell. Well...
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    Urgent advice needed - landlord cleaning exterior of house

    Thank you everyone for your help. After getting all panicky about it, the maintenance guy could not make it, and is going to do it hopefully some time this week. I had a quick chat with him about it. I feel a bit more calm about it all now.
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    Urgent advice needed - landlord cleaning exterior of house

    Thank you Stepnout. I was worried about chickens getting sick from contact with residue. They will be cooped up while he is cleaning. Said it Cld take 3 hours as he is cleaning the guttering as well. Appreciate your advice. Will see if he can dilute the mixtures as well. Cheers, Sue.
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    Urgent advice needed - landlord cleaning exterior of house

    hi, Tomorrow morning a maintenance guy coming to clean outside of house. He said he was using Janola (bleach). No bleach will be used on exterior wall where chickens have their dust bath, or where veges are growing. Belatedly I was thinking that one of the other walls has all concrete between it...
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    Show me UGLY coops- where my peeps at?

    Hi Alex, Gorgeous looking chickadeedaas :) Quick question - third pic, are they resting or laying? Cheers, Sue
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    How much do your chickens eat?

    Hi b2c2, One of the local French bakery girls, after I told her my chickens diet, said I had 'gourmet chickens'. I sprinkle few handfuls of layer feed in bottom of their wooden trough, then their kitchiri (Indian vegan rice and mung bean dish), which I have added scrambled egg, chopped ends of...
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