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    The EE braggers thread!!!

    They are so beautiful!:love
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    Pictures of your mixes?

    Just had a Silkie/Cochin/EE chick hatch!
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    What do you think?

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    Chick age estimation

    Yes, that's normal for day old chicks.
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    Cracked eggs hatched!

    That's awesome!
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    Adventures in Incubating Shipped Eggs

    Most people go into lockdown on day 18. Sometimes sooner.
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    Will my chicks hatch today?

    X2 How long has it been pipped?
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    Coturnix eggs hatching!

    Wow! They are so cute! What colors do you have?
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    Baby Field Trip!

    So adorable! :love
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    Help chick missing skin on back of head!!

    I think she should be ok. I'd put coconut oil on the wound and just make sure she's eating and drinking normally.
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    Coturnix eggs hatching!

    That's great! Can't wait to see pics!
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    One out of 13

    I personally would help the other chicks out. As long as there's no bleeding and the yolk is gone.
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    Pictures of your mixes?

    Yes! I'm so excited to see what look like!
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    Should I help it out

    Yep. I'd get it out of there if it's still alive!
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