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    goose being alienated

    Up until a few weeks ago, our 3 geese were getting along fine. I believe we have 2 males and 1 female. The younger of the 2 males (by a couple months)runs off the other one. I thought they would work it out. The bullied goose can't even sleep with the group anymore and we have to walk him into...
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    Dewlap African Geese...Post pics!!!

    I bought my 3 geese as Africans, but so far, no dewlaps. They all 3 have knobs though, one goose is much smaller than the others and had something go wrong with its wing(fine when outstretched, but when folded sticks out), maybe that has stunted its growth? We had one goose for months before we...
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    Wanted more in depth info on turkeys

    I just read the reviews of the Storey's Guide to Turkeys and not sure if it is the book for me. I want to know more about them and their behavior. I have 2 turkeys right now. I believe I have a Bourbon Red tom and a Narragansett hen. Do the toms always stay puffed out? Ours are around 6 months...
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    New this week, roosting in trees, how to stop it?

    I don't know what the deal is, but my roughly 3 month olds are taking to the trees above the coops! First it was 3, didn't even know it until they were out before I let everyone else out the next morning. Then, 6 started doing it and now 10 tonight. They are too high for me to get to them, but I...
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    10wk Production Red and 9.5wk Speckled Sussex - Genders?

    I have a few that could go either way as well. I will look at their tails, coms, wattles, etc, and there is always that exception to the rule! I guess I am going to wait it out and see who crows! LOL! Good luck!
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    How to tell if it is a commercial white?

    Nope, they had heritage turkeys and on sale to boot! $5.50 each and they are probably around 3 weeks old. My guess is the littlest one is maybe a week old.
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    Talk about a Miracle!

    Wow! That is a miracle!
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    Please verify identity- EE?

    Don't you love a good mystery chicken? We have a few ourselves and they add spice to life! At least you got a good looking mystery.
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    What am I?? (other than adorable!)

    We got 12 "pullets" from the feed store, EEs and so far 4 of them have been roos. We've had a roo in almost every grouping of "pullets" we have gotten. Nobody's perfect right?
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    Neck issue with month old Africans

    I was sort of thinking about that tonight, have seen it with chickens. I am pretty sure they have enough water, but it wouldn't hurt to put a couple more bowls out for them. And grit, hmmmm, the ground is pretty rocky, but not sure if it is "gritty". Have to put some out as well. Thank you SO much!
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    How to tell if it is a commercial white?

    We went to the feed store and picked up one of each kind of turkey they had. All have feathering on their wings, backs,etc but still downy on the head. Then, in a pen all by itself was a downy turkey just starting to feather on the wings. It is feathering out white and is yellow with a lighter...
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    Neck issue with month old Africans

    We have 2 one month old Africans. They go outside during the day as it has been in the upper 80s-lower 90s here. By the end of the day, they have swelling on the sides of their necks. Almost like the neck muscles starting right under the chin has shifted to the side. They don't seem to be in any...
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    Which kind(s) should I get?

    So, let's say I can't decide and I get one of each, for a total of 3-4 poults. Would it be weird to have 3-4 different breeds and decide what we like or not? Or should I stick with all the same kind?
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    Which kind(s) should I get?

    We have a 40 acre wooded place, have chickens, geese and ducks already but would like to add a couple turkeys to our list. I am stuck between Slate Blue, BR, or Royal Palm. We don't want them for food, just fun. Which one can be the friendliest or easiest to deal with?
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    Give up on broody hens?

    And what happens when you give up???? My little mutt banty hatched out 3 little Silkie crosses the past couple of days!!!!! Planning a brood hen pen for the future but for now, just happy as anything and amazed!
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