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    Lethargic RR roo

    Okay, thank you so much!
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    Lethargic RR roo

    It's okay...I have a horrible feeling mites might be in the coop so tomorrow I'm going and getting some sevin dust :(
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    Lethargic RR roo

    *UPDATE* After a little bit on the heating pad he's become more lively (readjusting, ect.) and he's breathing a lot better so now I can actually tell he's breathing.
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    Got a pair of baby rats

    They really are awesome little pets :3 eventually I want to get more but for the time being I'm okay with just two XD I think black hooded rats are so pretty. I'd like to have one of those one day XD
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    Got a pair of baby rats

    About a month ago I got a pair of female rats from the local human society. They're so freggin' cute! They are white with buff caps and are named Pumpkin and Poppy. Currently I'm saving up to get them a four level cage I saw on but you know. It takes some time.
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    Lethargic RR roo

    He's not skinny at all and hasn't sneezed once and the stools been normal. He was just fine this morning when I fed them before school..I'll check to see if he has any mites or lice. What exactly do they look like?
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    Lethargic RR roo

    He's only 3
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    Lethargic RR roo

    Our rooster, Fluffy is acting real weird and lethargic. I went out side to give them some food and he was standing at the door of the coop with his feathers all fluffed out like he was could and his head was kind of hanging. So I picked him up and brought him inside to try an warm him up but...
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    Hello from Indiana!!!!!

    Howdy :D and welcome~ Hope you have the best of luck with your chooks :3
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    Newbie lol

    Welcome to the site(: Amerucanas are really pretty we have one and shes the Rarity (my little pony character) of the coop; always showing off. But good luck with your coop and chicks/hens! Have you tried craigslist for any hens? There may be some floating around there~
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    Its been awhile

    Its been a long while since I've been on here and I'm not sure if my chicken buddies even get on here much anymore either. Anyway, may I begin with wow. The site itself has changed A LOT since I was here last. Next, I've become a super Brony here lately. My Little Pony for life. Dawg. Lastly...
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    Yum or Yuck?

    yuck. Apple pie
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    CheesePuff May 25thish,2009-June 3, 2010 CheesePuff was my favorite of all the chickens we ever had. She was my baby, she was sweet, caring, and she was very "helpful". Always helping me collect the eggs. In a way, this is kinda her obituary. Anyway, CheesePuff ment the world to me. I loved...
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    Rawrs Page

    well hello there :] and welcome to me page My name is Kennedy; Im a Teenaged-Chicken Owner from Evansville, Indiana; me and my chickers like eating snacks behind the coop, and my chicks say Hi :] Im going on my second full year of have'in my chicks, and its been a blast! Its...
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