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    Issue with newly hatched Polish chicks

    Hello! I have bred silkie chickens for a few years and this month decided to hatch my first batch of polish eggs. Eggs were shipped from a breeder in Florida (I’m in NY). Eggs began hatching yesterday morning and finished up overnight last night. I had 3 in the brooder last night and they seemed...
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    Need advice on lockdown

    In a situation like this they may pip at the pointy end and/or underneath the egg where you can’t see. Don’t be surprised if it happens and just handle each egg gently if you don’t see any pips. Those pips may be hiding in a weird spot.
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    Helped hatch a duckling now I need some help

    You can just leave it and it will usually be gone in a day or two. Or you can take a warm, wet q-tip and try to loosen it up a little. But don’t worry, it will go away. Glad it’s doing good!
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    Hands on hatching and help

    You have to do what your comfortable with and be comfortable with whatever the results may be. I hatch batches of ducks and chickens year round. And each year I gain more & more experience and do things slightly different based on cumulative results. This year I’ve hatched quite a few batches of...
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    Hudson Valley NY *chat thread*

    Hello! I’m in Fishkill as well! I know Blue Seal feed store in Fishkill sells chicken coops. They have a few for sale out front. Tractor supply in Highland and New Windsor also sell them. You can join “Hudson Valley Farm Swap” on Facebook and people sometimes sell used chicken coops there as...
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    Purebred Silkie Hatching Eggs

    Just got them out! Tracking number is 9505-5143-6552-8274-3054-03
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    Purebred Silkie Hatching Eggs

    I know! Sometimes this site doesn’t work right. I received the payment. Thank you. I might be able to get the eggs out today. If not today, they’ll definitely go out tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted and send tracking info as soon as they go out.
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    Purebred Silkie Hatching Eggs

    Great! I will send money request now. Please make sure your shipping info is updated on PayPal or you can simply send it to me here in a reply. Also please let me know if you’d like “hold for pickup” on the box with a phone number? Thanks!
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    Purebred Silkie Hatching Eggs

    Hi Sharon! I do have eggs available now. My girls have been laying good. How soon would you like me to ship? I could ship this Tuesday if that would work for you. You would send me your email address and I send a PayPal money request. It’s $32 per dozen and shipping is an additional $15. Thanks...
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    Purebred Silkie Hatching Eggs

    Fresh eggs available!
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    Can you take a pic? If the chick had already started zipping there will not be any risk of blood. Honestly, it’s been way to long.
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    Yes, help it. Once a chick starts to upzip it is ready to hatch. The zipping process should not take longer then an hour. It may be positioned wrong or stuck. Just help by separating the rest of the shell where it already started zipping. It may be to tired to continue. Once they start zipping...
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    Chick no progress hatching in 12 hours!!! Help!!

    Just be patient. It can take up to 24 hours.
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    EMERGENCY PLEASE HELP!!!! i think my baby duckling is dying

    I agree, I don’t think that looks like the yolk sac. But I haven’t had a lot of experience with unabsorbed yolk. And the 2 times I did it resolved within a couple hours. I’ll post a before & after pic of one of them. As for the clicking sound I did have one chick that had that problem because it...
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    Shrink wrapped chick What else can I do? HELP

    Great job getting them out safely!!!
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