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    Some random wild peahens wandered into my yard and are trying to hang out with my chickens, currently I’m keeping them separate, what can I feed the peahens that they will like?
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    Hen losing feathers on neck

    Alright, I should’ve known, thank you. I guess if it’s a molt there’s nothing I can do. 🤷‍♂️
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    Hen losing feathers on neck

    When most people hear this they are gonna think rooster, but he’s not doing this I have a hen who is about 9 months old and is losing feathers on her neck, but only on the front and bottom parts of her neck, ( a bit on the middle too ) it only started maybe last week, the pattern doesn’t match...
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    Possible broken wing in cockerel

    I have a 1/2 Sumatra 1/4 cubalaya 1/4 Easter egger rooster that is a little under 3 months old, that other day he was flapping around and hit his wind on some cinder blocks. I noticed his left wing seemed to have a couple of odd feathers sticking odd that were attached to what looked to be his...
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    Not an emergency just wondering about dewormer

    I currently have chickens and hoping to get peafowl eventually ( as soon as possible ) I know that chickens can transfer black head and other diseases to peafowl through parasites, I heard that if you mix diatomaceous earth into your chickens feed it will kill the worms in the chickens system so...
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    Hawk killers? Liege Fighter?

    14 pounds! WOW. I wish these birds were compatible with my current flock. For anyone who owns these, how agile are they? Like how high up do they like to roost and how high up can they roost without hurting themselves? 5ft? 10ft 12ft?
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    Looking for Egyptian Fayoumi

    4 of the eggs have hatched, none of the other eggs show signs of popping but they were put in a couple of days later so I will wait to see if they hatch, although there is a bad smell coming from the nest.
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    Looking for Egyptian Fayoumi

    Update: I was able to buy two 3.5 month old Fayoumi pullets from someone near me they have integrated into the flock well, they are getting beat up by the adults but are beating up our other pullets. Are rooster was excited to mate with them but has now decided they are children and he can’t...
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    Looking for Egyptian Fayoumi

    Thank you all for your help, and although a nice offer I doubt ill be able to get to Tennessee, so I talked to Privett hatchery and a farm store who buys directly from them and neither had Fayoumi I could buy, I then posted a sign at my local farm store asking if anyone had Fayoumi they could...
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    Looking for Egyptian Fayoumi

    Thank you, I went to check that out but it seems neither my state nor that breed are on that directory, so it was a dead end but thank you for your help.
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    Looking for Egyptian Fayoumi

    I purchased an order of Egyptian Fayoumi in the mail but they arrived dead, I originally only wanted two hens but I would be happy to change that order if someone is selling them, the other option is waiting until July which I really don’t want to do. Anyone who is selling Egyptian Fayoumi...
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    Mother hen and new young rooster

    Currently we have a momma hen raising 4 adopted chicks, while the hen was sitting on the nest we added a new rooster to the flock, the rooster has been mostly good towards our hens only having a problem with one of our hens at the start ( which we chock up to ptsd from our last horrible rooster...
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    Looking for self sufficient chickens.

    To clarify I do give them food, they get an all around pellet, although the foraging for themselves is a much appreciated trait. My chickens also go into a coop that is closed at night. I live down near the river which means 24/7 I am surrounded by coyotes, raccoons, skunks, bobcats, and hawks (...
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    Looking for self sufficient chickens.

    Last spring I ordered 2 Egyptian fayoumi, a golden Campine, and a Sumatra chick. I ordered the Egyptian fayoumis and Golden Campine because I read that they were fairly self sufficient chickens that could forage for most or all of their own food if given the space and would be the last to be...
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