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    I've left my broody hens in with my other chickens and they do ok. Near the end of her broodiness (after I had fertile eggs under her) the other hens started picking on her when she would come out for her daily drink and snack, and I moved the rest of the brood to a large tractor. She's broody...
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    ordered hatching eggs for my broody

    I ordered some hatching eggs from MPC due to arrive next week for my hen that just went broody. Crossing my fingers that they will be fertile!!! I have a quick question though. I've read on here that when eggs are shipped you should let them set for 24 hours before putting them in a bator...
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    What breed?

    Yup, looks like a hatchery sex link (production) bird. Sometimes called cinnamon queen, or golden comets, or red sex link or golden sex link. Lots of names for them
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    Brown Leghorn Pullet?

    I had a couple of brown leghorns that I raised a few years back. They did look quite roo-ish for a while (their comb seemed larger, larger feet), but they ended up some pretty hens. What other pullet breeds do you have that you're comparing her/him against?
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    Ellensburg Washington Chicken Ordinance

    Ellensburg Washington Chicken Ordinance Are Chickens Allowed in this location Yes Max Chickens Allowed 4 Roosters Allowed No Permit Required No Coop Restrictions Coop and run must have a total of 10 sq. feet per chicken, must be 25 feet away from neighboring dwelling, and 10 feet...
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    How old is rooster when it starts crowing?

    I think I'd go with the cochin too. It's hard to say, but my 3 roosters (that I currently have) started at 3 months.
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    who dun it?

    My mom has several chickens (buff orpingtons, rhode island reds, black austrolorps, easter eggers and one silver laced wyandotte) she has one of those hens that lays a brown egg with dark speckles. We're not sure which hen it is though. HOWEVER, I had a broody hatch out several eggs from my...
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    gender of polish and bantam cochin

    ARGH! I don't want my polish to be a boy! I bought 2 (straight run of course) and 3 assorted bantams (again straight run) hoping that I could get at least one bantam hen and one polish hen. WELL, 2 of the bantams are MF D'uccles and both roosters, one of the polish died when just a few days...
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    gender of polish and bantam cochin

    Anyone else going to chime in and help decide gender?
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    bantam partridge wyandotte--roo or no?

    I would have to say he looks like a roo too, really red comb, and pretty thick legs to be a pullet.
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    gender of polish and bantam cochin

    These gals (fingers crossed) are 7 1/2 weeks old. I'm pretty sure the polish is a girl because of the more rounded feathers on the crest, but I've noticed the really red wattles coming in this last week or so. And the bantam cochin. I'm really not sure on. I already have to lf cochin...
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    PICS FINALLY ADDED...Roo or Hen SF , and Cochin or not?

    nope not a cochin. They'll hatch out with feathered legs, not develop them later. Sorry.
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    Are Pullets capable of bearing offspring?

    pullet just means a female chicken under a year of age. Once they start laying they've reached reprodutive maturity and can lay eggs and have chicks (if their eggs are fertilized and they go broody to hatch the eggs)
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    broody hen scaring young birds

    thanks everyone. Today I let the 7 weekers and the the adults out together (left momma and the babies in the enclosed run/coop, it's rainy and cold today and for the rest of the week and I'm too nervous that one of the babies will wander off or one of the neighborhood cats or strays will come...
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