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    Neighbor Complained to Town - Received Citation for Domestic Nuisance

    It is your responsibility to keep your birds in your own yard. Depending on the breed, and your planned fence style and height, they may be able to hop, climb or fly over it, so be certain that it is tall enough to contain the breeds you have, and that bushes, trees or other objects the birds...
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    Silkie chicks attacking each other

    That is unusual behavior in birds that young.
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    Silkie breeding, genetics & showing

    Silkied feathering will tell you if it is all silkie..
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    Uniqueness Please

    If you want unusual birds, consider araucanas. Also sultans, houdans, polish, d'Uccles. Apart from the d'Uccles, they all come in both largefowl and bantam.
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    Uniqueness Please

    not a good example of a rosecomb....tail is a significant issue.
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    Best way to train/prepare a chicken for show?

    you need to hold him in your left hand, facing your arm, not away from it as in your photo. When your fingers surround his legs, his body will be in your palm.
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    Arizona Egg carton example

    Not sure why you think they cannot say "fresh" or "local"? Eggs and/or their carton must be dated, and listing a location is certainly allowed (look at the egg cartons in any supermarket) What you cannot use are terms such as organic or free-range, etc. that have very USDA specific meanings...
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    Laws & Ordinances in Portland, Texas

    Most states have laws that cover dogs attacking livestock, and in most cases a dog that is attacking off the dog's owner's property can be shot. In some cases the dog has to be actively attacking; in others, it simply has to have attacked. So you need to find out all state, county and...
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    Genetics of Chicken Colours, The Basics - Sigrid van Dort

    actually split is more than just is heterozygous and recessive. Therefore the trait does not show, but you know the allele is present due to breeding records, and can be passed to offspring.
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    Genetics for ameraucanas

    on skin colour, black is not polygenic. It is due to the presence of the dominant Fm gene. The bird will additionally have the gene for white or yellow skin (should be white, but isn't always) but that colouring is hidden by the black skin
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    Neighbor's dog killed my chickens. City ordinance issue??

    yes, knowing your local, county and state regulations is important, and most places have leash laws
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    Newly Passed "No Rooster" and Related Ordinance

    In general, city and zoning ordinances have a section thaaat addresses non-complying uses. Non-complying uses is may mean that if chickens were on the lot when the ordinance changed, that those specific birds may continue to be there, but cannot be replaced if for any reason...
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    Neighbor's dog killed my chickens. City ordinance issue??

    in some states, you may only shoot dogs that are in the act of attacking your livestock, and in many states livestock only include hooved mammals. In Arizona, chickens are poultry, not livestock. It is the same in many states.
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