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    Yep. That stuff you guys up north are hoarding so I can't get it down here anymore ;) I swear by that stuff even for me.
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    Buckley's is basically like VetRx for people. It's got camphor and pine needle oil. Tastes absolutely awful too, btw. I would just put a tiny bit on the tip of the beak. I don't remember how I got Slifer to get it's been so long.
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    Baby sox are great to put on if your bird has bumble foot. They fit on easily and they're easy to tape on, and they're cheap.
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    It's been a long time...

    Thanks everyone! It's so odd without her. I don't hafta wrestle my food away from her whilst she's begging on my feet. I DO miss her begging from under the table, having to let her in and out...all the things that aggravated me at the time. I, and my DS, buried her out in the back yard by...
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    It's been a long time...

    So I don't know if anyone remembers me... I've been around since the beginning of BYC with ChickChair and Terrie Lacey... WELL, just to put a fine point on it, as of 8:15 this morning, my pet/house chicken, Obelisk the Tormentor has gone to the Coop in the Sky. She just turned 12 years old on...
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    Arthritis? Hopefully?

    Long time member...things have been going smoothly...too smoothly obviously... Obelisk the Tormentor is an 11 (gonna be 12 year old Leghorn hen). For the past few weeks she's been limping on her right foot. As of now, she doesn't want to put any weight on it whilst she's walking, but she can...
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    chicken toys ??

    It keeps her busy and out of trouble...she also likes the Parakeet Shredder Boxes.
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    Spottedcrows Page

    Hi there, Chicken fans..... I've been a chicken keeper for a little over 4 years. It started with two cute little fuzzy chicks named Tom Brunanski and JerryRemy. Tom was an EE and Jerry was a Leghorn. I lost Tom to a dastardly raccoon on the early morning of August 8th, 2003 and I had to...
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    Ranchie, a dear heart is lost.'s always sad when you lose a friend. My condolences,Opa.
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    BJ roo-Good thoughts grt'lyapprec-NO!RIP my beautiful boy ELLIE UPDATE

    Does he like apple sauce or something else sweet like that? I'd even try mixing like the pudding baby foods in with it. I've handfed chickens, bearded dragons, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, and even a frog to keep them going. That's so true. As we get older it takes longer to recuperate...I...
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    BJ roo-Good thoughts grt'lyapprec-NO!RIP my beautiful boy ELLIE UPDATE

    Oh dear Gods. Hugs and kisses for our dearest BJ and lotsa prayers coming on swift chicken wings...If you can get handfeeding formula into his beak he might get some in there... Glad that the ex got some crunchies into him. Judy, we NEVER fail our babies...sometimes it's just meant to be...
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    HELP!!!!! Hens organs comming out its butt!!!! why? ~~~UPDATE pg4 !!!!

    It might've been soft shelled and when it came out she ate it...Obelisk has done that a few times... Good luck with the prolapse. I had to take one of the store's ferrets 3 times to get it sewed up...I was the only one who noticed it in the first place...pfft.
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    Need prayers for my Dad

    Hugs and prayers... Betcha the morphine has sumpin tado wid the low BP...jes sayin...
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