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    Hey (: my name is S t a r S t r u c k 2 0 3 ! My favorite color is Purple. im 17. i date an amazing guy named Oscar, we have been together for over 1 year and a half. i have 9 amazing chickens. i love them to pieces! 4 Barred Rocks. 2 Buffs. 2 Rhode Island Reds. 1 Easter Egger ♥ im hoping...
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    did i do the right thing...

    i get the feeling that i did the right thing too late, or the wrong thing all together. so either way i feel guilty.. i know people say dont help a chick hatch, but i couldnt stand to sit there and watch the poor thing drown. it had pipped around 6 last night, and today was still trying, but it...
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    is my chick ok??

    one just popped out of the egg and has a red bulb on its stomach. i think its just the rest of the yolk that wasnt absorbed, will it eventually absorb and be ok?
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    Is it too hot to hatch with a broody?

    Quote: you can have a chicken pools? and they go in it? really? thats exciting! (:
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    I just seen the coolest thing! (kinda graphic)

    we did this in our animal science class last year to about 20 eggs that didnt hatch. we got like 4 that looked like yours in the picture, 4 almost full grown chicks that had died before they hatched, and then about 8 that were like barely there blobs, and the rest were non-fertilized. pretty...
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    Wheel date calculator?

    sorry i havnt replied, and thanks for all the answers! i know how long everything takes. but i just thought it would be nice to have a date wheel
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    broody hen? no place to seperate her? here is an idea :)

    aww, (: my hens eggs hatched yesterday! its too sweet! 3 little mix breed chicks. ill try and remember to post pictures soon
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    Pictures of my moat!!!!!

    LOOKs AMAZING! what a great idea!
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    broody hen? no place to seperate her? here is an idea :)

    some hens will sometimes want to get in the same nest with the broody hen, which could result in cracked eggs and smothering. plus the slimey stuff that comes out with a 'fresh egg' from another hen can get on the developing eggs and cause issues. also some hens, expecially first time broodies...
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    Don't thow the egg ou without doing this!

    i had 5 eggs in the incubator. its day 23. im still holding out! its pipped and looks like its started to zip, but nothing for the last 2 hours or so. im still hoping it will hatch though! the other 4 chicks hatched yesterday and are fluffy and ready to go into a brooding box. come one little...
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    broody hen? no place to seperate her? here is an idea :)

    so, my hen went broody about 2 weeks ago and i didnt have a seperate coop or place available to seperate her, plus i thought she would be more likely to stay happy and comfortable in her regular coop. so this is what i made: it has a solid wooden top and front piece. and then the bottom is...
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    ahhhh! first hatch happening now!

    wow! 10 hours is a crazy Long time! mine was pipped and zipped in about 2 hours and hatched after another 30-45 i think. iLL get some pictUrs Up tonight. they are adorabLe LittLe things. aLL of mine in the incUbator were farmyard mixes. bUt they are aLL stiLL adorabLE! and sorry aboUt aLL...
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    ahhhh! first hatch happening now!

    i have only 5 eggs. so hopefully it wont too incredably long thanks!
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    ahhhh! first hatch happening now!

    omg, i dont know exactly what to expect. if one chick hatches and moves another egg that has already pipped, whats the outcome? is the other pipped egg going to die? i would feel horrible! also, how long till i can take them all out, iv heard 48 hours is fine? is this true?
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    First broody!!

    i got my first broody two days ago!!! im so escited! she is a buff orpington and is being so sweet. she is very devoted to those little eggs. she is only setting on 4 eggs, but thats better than nothing. im excited either way
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