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    My Broody Hen and Musical Nesting Boxes

    thanks a bunch! I'll see what bwe end up doin. I would be just as happy if she would become un broody.
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    My Broody Hen and Musical Nesting Boxes

    I have a hen that has been broody for a couple of weeks. I wasn't going to let her hatch eggs, because frankly I don't know that our young roo is capable of getting the job done. Anyhoo...every night for 2 weeks I was taking the eggs away from her. She is persistant, so I figured, OK, you...
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    Momma Hen and one chick - can they be blended with the rest

    Saturday night I had, had enough! We were just not set up for this broody hen and one baby situation. So we did a major, thourough and complete cleaning of the hen house. When we put everything back. I said, ok, we are just going to have to make something so that the Momma and baby can be...
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    Momma Hen and one chick - can they be blended with the rest

    I know! And this is the kicker...This momma hen sat on eggs for over 30 days! She hatched one chick, which was found dead. It was fully developed, just dead. I don't know if she killed it or what. Then she sat on 4 more eggs for another 10ish days waiting for them to hatch. Only one did...
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    Momma Hen and one chick - can they be blended with the rest

    Thanks for the help! As no one had responded yesterday when I left work, when I got home, i made the brooder so they could go in and out. Momma hen hopped out never to be seen again for the rest of the evening! She left the baby in the coop and went out into the yard. A couple other hens...
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    Momma Hen and one chick - can they be blended with the rest

    Hi all. I have a hen who hatched out 1 chick. It is about 2 weeks old. They have been in a brooder in the hen house. Momma is going crazy in the brooder and wants out badly. How long do I have to keep her in there with her chick? Can I let them out and just leave the door open so that...
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    Who to order from?

    I have to agree with the above post. I have purchased 2 years in a row, chicks from one of the hatcheries that you listed. Both years, I ended up with a roo out of the group. One may get an exceptional order and have all hens. Just saying it does happen . In the past, we have ordered more...
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    chicken math out of getting out of hand (need to sell some)

    Nice score! I would have had to take them also. I would have then had to put some up for sale , but I would have taken them!
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    Partridge Rock and a ???

    Thank you ChickenAddict, I love them all. And thank you Chris and Ducks and Banny hens for your information. Waaaaaayyyyy over my head gotta say, but I appreciate your explanations. One of my Australorps is sitting on 3 eggs. Two are hers and one White Leghorn. She did have another egg, but...
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    Broody Hen sitting in top row

    Hi all, I have a broody that is sitting on three eggs in the top row of nesting boxes. She has been there for about a week. She is the first hen that I have ever had go broody. My question is: Should I leave here there until she has the chicks or move her? The nesting box is about 4 ft...
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    Doesn't it figure?

    The chicks are Austrolorps. I think they are real pretty too goldnchocolate. Butch, If I knew for sure that she would take care of them I would slip a few under her. But with 13 other hens and a roo in the hen house I just don't quite dare to. My brooders are both being used, so I can't...
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    Doesn't it figure?

    On Monday we just got our "box-o-chix" from McMurray Hatchery. All are doing very well and are lively and vibrant! Well wouldn't you know...but I think that I have a broody Austrolorp! Last night when I went to shut everyone in. She was not on the roosting poles like normal, but in a...
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    300 broilers- UPDATE

    I so appreciate what you are both going to do for your community. It is very similar to what has been placed on our hearts. You can do this! What a wonderful testimony this will be for you and your church when this project is completed and many are enjoying the fruits of your labor. "Many...
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    Second time posting here....

    IMHO, if you were only having the chicken. I would say 1 chicken would last 2 adults for 2 meals. This is purely based on what my husband and I would eat. Nothing scientific here.
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