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    Nope. Got divorced and had to sell them because I was unable to take care of them when I was...

    Nope. Got divorced and had to sell them because I was unable to take care of them when I was unemployed. I'm doing fine now, but I rent a duplex so no where to keep chickens for now.
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    Raccoon Trapping

    Catching a "trap-savvy" Raccoon e trap moved around, turned over, tripped, but no catch - they are stealing the bait from the outside. Sometimes they seem to just know to step over the trip plate while they are inside. Any way they do it, your luck catching them in the box trap is going to be...
  3. The Farley Farm

    The Farley Farm

    I sometimes call us the "Farley Farm" This is me, Tala, the queen B around here: Buff Orp babies about 8 weeks old, Tiger my male cat, Dusti my female dog: The 2009 laying flock (and their guardian): My first TSC chicks all grown up!! On the roost My second and third groups of baby chicks...
  4. Open Air Design Coop

    Open Air Design Coop

    The original design for my open air style chicken coop called for welded fence wire on 3 sides, and solid tin on the west facing side (towards the road). It is supposed to be VERY simple, but functional for our warm climate. I modified it slightly by adding one piece of tin sideways along the...
  5. Talas Chicken Tractor Page

    Talas Chicken Tractor Page

    I would like to explain my chicken tractor - in hopes of helping anyone else out. The doghouse part is approx 3'x3' and provides enough "sleep only" space for 4 hens. It was a large doghouse kit from Lowes. The cedar is britle and thin. I wouldn't buy it again, but it's cute and it does work...
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    The puppies of Craigslist

    Ugh. My neighbors on both sides are that kind of people. The ones to the south have had 10 puppies since we moved in and they all disappear when the "cute" wears off. They have one constant dog, a mini dobie I think, that they allow to breed to who knows what, but after the cute wears off the...
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    chicken snob

    I like to think that I have the best looking EE's around and my black sex links are more unique than your hatchery RedxBR. I guess, I'm not too picky about my own birds, but I do recognise a real breeder's bird when compared to a hatchery bird. Yup I keep some hatchery layers (hatched a dozen...
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    Who do you go to cry on the shoulder of?

    My sister and lifelong best friend. Also a couple of BYC guys. I do like different people's input. Also I listen to music and find a song that speaks to me. And I type my thoughts out, helps me concrete them and move on instead of just repeating the same thoughts over and over. Then I can...
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    I got a new live trap...Update: new cam

    I heard through the grapevine that the guy who I ran off was named Billy Small.
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    Tell your 'what the heck was that thing?' scary story

    Holy moly this thread has gotten scary! I definitely need more cigarettes to compensate! Fortunately, our house isn't haunted. A friend of mine seems to think he's seen some mysterious orbs in his room at night. However, he has a wide legal pharmacy and possibly some 'herbal medicine' on the...
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    My apologies to the WalMart shoppers...

    Quote: I suppose you should be grateful you have somewhere else to go. Basically, we have a Walmart and a Kroger. As bad as Walmart checkout lines can be, the Kroger is a hundred times worse. All the ancient little old ladies shop at Kroger, the ones who move at the pace of a turtle and only...
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    made chicken noodle soup without the can

    I do potatoes in beef stew, I want my chicken soup to be different. Hubbs loves potatoes, but I really don't. I may be a firm believer in "meat and potatoes" type cooking, but I don't like white potatoes much. I did get some greens to put in beef n veggie soup, that's my next meal I have...
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