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    The Peep Show

    The Peep Show with young hot underage chicks June 4, 2009- We just picked up our first batch of day old chicks Thrusday morning around 11am from a local familed own feed store in Garland. After much research, we decided to go with three Buff Orpingtons and three Ameraucanas. Both sounded...
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    And I thought I was raising chickens....

    He looks like Gonzo from the Muppets.
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    Reptile Photos! **DUW**

    The gecko is beautiful.
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    Oppositional/defiant chickens

    I get bags of kettle corn from Sprouts and when there's only crumbs left or it's too stale for us, I throw it out to our girls and they fight over it like everything to eat.
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    Should I take my sick baby to the doctor?

    If he doesn't have anything like a cold or what not before you take him to the doctor, then there could be a good chance he could catch something from being in the waiting room. It sounds way to cold to go out. Stay home where it's warm.
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    Sick Little Penny Girl :-( RIP 3-27-2006 - 1-4-2010

    I'm sorry sorry to hear you lost Penny.
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    so excited

    Quote: Thanks, I started giving the buffs injections of Tylan 50 Wensday and we let them back into the yard again. They all are looking good now. Of course we had to serperate 2 of the EE's because they decided to fight the buffs once they were let back into the yard. Today there wasn't any...
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    so excited

    Quote: too bad we were so dumb, they all were sick on Christmas day, except the new ones. The EE's and the production red are back to their old shelves. The 3 buff's started doing better, now they are making a "mwah" sound. We have antibotics in the water and I just started give the buffs...
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    so excited

    Quote: oh yeah(doh)...they are from a local farm that states on the website "Flock tested and certified by Texas Animal Health Commission". Others in our backyard chicken meetup group that have bought from this farm have never had any problems to date , but that doesn't mean that we won't be...
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    so excited

    I was informed this morning by my husband one of the people who sell pullets at a local nursery was going to be selling today. He hinted that we had room for 2 more chickens. So we just go to take a look and see what he has to offer. We brought home 2 turken mixes, one easter egger turken...
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    Hello from Texas!

    yeah Texas folk.
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    Buff Orp with sores on feet and legs

    I noticed the other day that there were some scabs on a couple of our hens. No one seems to be limping, they all run pretty fast when I go outside. She's been eating just fine and comes for treats. Everything seems to be normal with her other then her legs and feet. Here's a close up. I...
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    One more confused newbie

    Hi there, I'm in Dallas Texas and have 7 chickens. This is a great place to get answers and talk to others.
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    Maybe we are related, what was your maiden name or your mama's?

    My maiden name was Baack (pronounced "bock", like the beer). My grandmother on my dad's side was Hibbeler. My mom's maiden name was Renegar. Her mom's maiden name was Brown.
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    have we talked about the new KFC double down sandwich? (w/ picture)

    is this supposed to be one of those low-carb things because they leave off the bread. Seems like you should leave the bread in and take off about 1000 calories. But it does look good.