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    What has she done? A Silkie!!!!

    Quote: My 2 silkies and 1 bantam cochin do just fine in with my standard size chickens. I wouldn't worry. Just wait until the chick is bigger and then take your time integrating them.
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    What kind of chicken should I get?

    Quote: X 2. Cochins! The come in either bantam or standard size and some pretty colors. Silkies wouldn't be a bad choice, either. I wouldn't worry about the chickens getting out of your fencing...but I might worry about snakes and rats getting in and eating the eggs and hatchlings.
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    leaving for 2 weeks! is that okay?

    What they said. Two weeks is just too long. You can't predict what the weather will be that far in advance. Water gets spilled or fouled, food gets rancid. Hire someone to stop by at least every second or third day. There are plenty of professional petsitters that are bonded and I'm sure you...
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    Which fancy chickens should I add?

    Quote: DEFINITELY Polish. Silly little birds...
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    How many chickens do you own?

    19 chickens and 1 duck. But a few of my younger chicks will undoubtedly turn out to be roos and be re-homed in a couple of months, so hopefully I'll be down to 15 or so.
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    Filling the incubator 6-3-2011 Join me for my 1st attempt?

    Okay, here are my final numbers. I've officially shut down the incubator and eggtopsied those that did not hatch. Started with: 12 bantam mottled cochin 15 wheaton Marans Knew I was in trouble right away with the cochins as I candled them the night they arrived and had lots with displaced air...
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    Is it Illegal to Sell Chicken Eggs?

    FOUND THE LINK! Here you go. I just re-read it, and as long as you're selling direct to consumers and you're not "grading" them, you can legally sell in Texas. Must include contact info on carton label.$ext.ViewTAC?tac_view=4&ti=4&pt=1&ch=15&rl=Y
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    Is it Illegal to Sell Chicken Eggs?

    Hi, I'm in TX and I spent a lot of time online trying to find the answer to this same question. I did find it on one of the state dept. agriculture websites finally, and even then it was a bit hard to understand, but the way I interpreted it is that here in Texas, you can sell your eggs...
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    Day 22

    Hang in there. My tiny little bantam eggs pipped on day 18 and hatched on day 19. 2 of my large fowl wheaten Marans pipped and hatched on day 20, but they were the smallest of the Marans eggs. Then...nothing until today, day 23. And now one of my larger Marans eggs has hatched. I still have the...
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    Ordered new chicks

    Quote: They need a constant temperature of 90-95 degrees (day and night) for the first week, so assuming it's not that warm at night where you are, they're going to need to be in some kind of temp controlled environment. After the first week, decrease the temperature by 5 degrees each week...
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    Filling the incubator 6-3-2011 Join me for my 1st attempt?

    Quote: Fingers crossed for you and your chickadees-to-be, Stitch-b!
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    Filling the incubator 6-3-2011 Join me for my 1st attempt?

    Quote: She drowned in her water last night OH, I'm so sorry. RIP, little one.
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    Filling the incubator 6-3-2011 Join me for my 1st attempt?

    One of my Marans has pipped and is making quick progress compared to how slow the cochins were. Now my dilemma is that one of the cochin chicks is already 24 hrs. old, plus spent 24 hours hatching and I really need to get it out so it can eat/drink. I think the Marans could be going on for...
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    Moving air pockets?

    I had several like that in my shipment of eggs, and none developed at all. But I'm not an expert. This was my first hatch.
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