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    Video of my chickens cleaning my shoes of beggar lice

    I love it! I can't wait for the next time we have this problem which is a problem in my house the way my husband and son are, lol
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    Broody question

    I have a hen that went broody about 4 weeks ago. We put some quail eggs under her but they didn't hatch. How long can she sit and it be safe for her? I make sure she gets up everyday for food and water but I need to know how long to let this go on and how do I break her of it?
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    one broody chicken and 20 quail eggs

    Recently I've had one of my girls go broody so while I was at work today I was talking to one of the ladies I work with about how to stop her from being broody. She told me that she had 2- quail eggs that the mom had been scared away and hadn't came back so she was incubating the eggs and if I...
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    Free ranging- not eating feed, is this okay?

    Mine chickens free range from the time I open the coop door to the time they put themselves to bed. I have noticed the amount of times I have to fill the feeder is not as many as it was during the winter, which I love. I have happen hens and the all go to the coop to lay their eggs and then go...
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    Who here has served in the military or have been a former military spouse?

    I'm not a military spouse but I am an Army Mom. Thank you to all who are and have sacrifice!
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    Feeding question

    I have a flock that is over a year old. This year I also got 5 babies that are eight weeks old now. I am starting to combine all the girls together but I am worried about the feed. Is it ok for the older girls to be eating the starter food and the babies to be eating the layers food? There is...
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    Finish this sentence: "You know you're addicted to chickens when..."

    The people you work with call you a chicken whisper
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    Hen dominence?

    I have a nine ladies that have all be together for over a year now. I have caught this hen on top of several other hens at different times and during this time she seems to be trying to mating with them, I guess. The bottom hen will be almost laid out flat and the hen on top will be pulling on...
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    Hen or rooster

    I got this little lady about 12 days ago. At that time she was suppose to be a day old. With a tail like that already is she a rooster?
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    I've never seen my chickens with a snake. I'm assuming this spring I will see them around again since every year I find them in the garden. I can't wait I love watching my girls chase each other when one has a worm
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    New brooder! *pics*UPDATE: Brooder in action!

    Love the set up and your dog is adorable!!!!
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