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    Bumblefoot or Jerk Drake?

    Yeah we have one drake and eight hens and some days he's one too many haha. My wife and I are a couple days away from healing our second case of bumblefoot, this time with a silver appleyard. Our ducks free range this time of year so she has a small fenced in area just outside their coop with...
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    Ducklings outside ?temperature for a quick play time?

    I put our last 4 ducklings outside during the day at one week old in similar temperatures with no problems at all. I made an oval out of a 2ft tall, 20ft? long, 1inch wire fence zip tied together and capped it with an 8ft gate made out of strapping boards from a duck run we use in the winter...
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    Mice in the duck pen

    What a coincidence! A couple hours ago I watched our ducks go all serengeti on a mouse, fighting over it, tearing it up and eating it. A silver appleyard, a roeun and a pekin were involved. I had read about this on here somewhere and now i've seen it...
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    Wandering Ducks

    I agree with the fencing, we use a two ft. fence on our east side to keep the ducks from climbing up the hill to the front yard and away from the road. We have a brook in our back yard and I've done a couple of things to discourage them from going up or down stream too far that might help you...
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    We have a brook directly behind our house and have mallards nesting in the area every year. I keep 300 ft of water frontage mowed and weed whacked so we get to see everything going on out there. We are in northern Maine and our flock of 9, including 3 pekin, will free range in about a month when...
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    Pekin ducks

    We have ordered from Cackle hatchery twice with excellent results both times. All our ducks have been properly sexed on both orders including three pekin hens that haven't had any issues going on 4 years now.
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    Which breeds of ducks are more cold harder than other ducks?

    Another one from Maine, up north this time. We have pekins, silver appleyards, anconas and rouens. With proper care and precautions they all handle our winters with no problems.
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    Duck Layer Pellets

    I had not heard of mazuri before but it's out of my price range anyways for 9 ducks. After getting T/S to get 40lb bags of Purina I also mix that with a 50lb bag of 16% Dumor layer pellets. Along with supplements, their daily cabbage and dry cat food for treats during the winter months our 8...
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    Real temp lows hitting -18.

    As long as they're inside a shelter they should be okay. We had as low as -24F this week and our ducks do fine with that. I don't let them outside until it's -5 and at 5 above they get their pool. I can usually let them out by 9 o'clock but if not I'll put a water jug and food in their coop. We...
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    Duckling business. How do you do things?

    I cannot help with hatching but we have sold duck eggs on a small scale for years. We are in northern Maine on a back road in a small town and like you eggs are seasonal. We have 8 females and after my best egg customer moved away last year we put a small a-frame sign out by the mailbox picking...
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    Duck laying

    We also live in a cold area and used to have frozen eggs in the morning too. When I made the new duck shack I put 2 inches of blue board under the flooring which solved the problem. Ours haven't started laying again yet and we've missed our duck eggs!
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    Cackle Hatchery?

    We have ordered from Cackle twice and had excellent results with shipping to northern Maine. My son just moved to Cary and my daughter in law will no doubt be looking for duck eggs in the area.
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    Wood chips for duck run?

    Our ducks are in a run 4-5 months a year until free range weather. I find that wood chips help but straw works best for us during the spring mud season.
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    Um, so when the snow is 18” and still falling...

    I shovel an awful lot of snow for the ducks, fortunately this storm wont make it up here.
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    What to do with ducks with temperatures below 20°

    We live in Aroostook county and i let our ducks out at -5F as long as i know the temperature will be going up a little. I let them out at 7 and it was -4 but as I said no pool today due to the wind. I spread hay and woodchips on the ground from their coop door to the food and water, an area the...
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