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    Chicken butt swollen

    So I have a chicken that has a very swollen butt, almost as if her organs all fell into her butt. She walks around like a penguin so I thought she was eggbound so we brought her in and put her in a little bath and massaged her for 20 min we felt inside and outside her but we could never find and...
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    Ancona vs Exchequer Leghorn??

    Well you actually have no leghorns they’re all Anconas and all female. This is the first time I’ve seen another person with Ancona chickens in this site besides me so that’s cool. Edit: Leghorns are all white unless you had specified another color of leghorn such as a brown leghorn. No leghorns...
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    Mosaic Chickens!

    Wow they look a lot more different than mine.
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    Silkie chicken value

    I was wondering how much my silkie roosters are worth one is all black the other one seems to be buff colored. I didn’t know if they were worth nothing or if they were about ten bucks or more. Please tell me if you have any ideas.
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    Mosaic Chickens!

    Here they are now
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    Mosaic Chickens!

    Mine are mostly black and white but they have a few specks of brown in their feathers.
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    Mosaic Chickens!

    I found mine at a tractor supply chicken swap.
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    My chicken Adventure

    I wasn’t originally part of this thread but I just read through it all I’m glad you got chickens. When did they start to lay?
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    What did you do in the garden today?

    Well I guess it’s not that I don’t have any bees, more like what bees I do have they prefer my crape myrtles and rose of Sharon trees more than my squash flowers.
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    What did you do in the garden today?

    Hi I’m new to this thread but I just wanted to share about my garden stories. It seems in my garden I have little to no bees and I don’t know why so I have to hand pollinate the majority of my plants or else they rot. Also I had no idea how aggressive pumpkin were it seems like they’re trying to...
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    What are these? Sex and breed?

    I still think a is a pullet.
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    First eggs!

    Put decoy eggs in their nest and also put something in the nest they made to discourage nesting there.
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    What are these? Sex and breed?

    They both look like pullets to me but I can’t tell you their breed they look mixed maybe black australorp.
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    Trapping thread

    Posting so I don’t lose the thread
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    Broody or just Moody?

    You could try to separate her from the flock while she incubates them so nothing happens to the eggs or she doesn’t go to the wrong nest.
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