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    The Joys of Owning Imported Orpingtons

    Just alittle part English so far. I love this gal.
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    Anyone in WV???

    It's a closed group so you have to ask to join.
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    *Buff Orpington Thread!*

    Always keep Corid and Poly vi Sol in the chicken medicine cabinet. There should be a list somewhere on here of what to keep on hand incase of an emergency.
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    *Buff Orpington Thread!*

    Looks like Cocci to me
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    Naturally Worming Chickens

    The seeds are where the natural worming comes in, plus have always been told cayenne pepper is to kick start hens to lay.
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    Are there any other colors of Orps that one can breed Buffs to?

    No, not without getting mutt looking chickens. Buffs are a pure breed just like other colors of Orps. If you want an orp that will not meet a standard of the breed go for it. Takes time and work!
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    *Buff Orpington Thread!*

    Looking for a young or year old or so Exhibition Buff Orpington rooster. Shoot me a PM if you have one or know of a breeder with good stock. Will pay for said bird and shipping. I posted in the wanted ads also.
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    Young Exhibition Buff Orpington Rooster

    Deal fell through on a Quality Buff Orpington rooster. Will pay shipping charges. If you have one or know of someone with an exhibition quality roo to put on my hens send me a PM. Overlook the Price!!! Won't let me add the wanted ad without it!!!! Grrr....... Thanks!!!
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    The IMPORTED ENGLISH Orpington Thread

    I'm with Jeremy. It is not leakage on the lavender, it is sun bleaching, outdoor runs without a cover and scratch grains that causes this in the roosters. The hens/pullets do not get this at all. I have been raising them since the beginning of the project.
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    Brown Colouring in my Blue Orpington??

    That's what happens when you breed blues from different breeders and not knowing what they have added or is in their breeder birds. That's why top breeders say cullllllllllllllll............... Something has been added down the lines that shouldn't have been in there. Do not use for breeder birds.
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    Hope this site

    is doing better. I rarely get online here anymore since it is so slow to navigate. Funny I don't have any problems with other sites. Take care peopleeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
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    Lavender Orpington project ....

    Chicks do have a tinge of yellow to them. I had planned to post a pic of an earlier generation but this new byc is hard enough getting online to post let alone add a picture!!!! I use both the lavender rooster on good black type orp hens and the lavender hens on a black orp rooster. I do...
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    Lavender Orpington project ....

    I find the yellowing only to be on the roosters. In my opinion it is also happening from scratch grains and being in the sun/weather too much. As Jeremy stated these are project birds and not a standard type or color for Orps. They need to be bred back onto the good type black Orpington breed...
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    The IMPORTED ENGLISH Orpington Thread

    Joy, I have not gotten an egg from my part english hens and pullets since Oct., I have 40 of them!!!!! I have tried everything this winter so it looks like I'm going to be having roast chicken soon!! I can't afford to feed that many without getting an egg even tho they are pretty yard birds...
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    The IMPORTED ENGLISH Orpington Thread

    Major, major issues to even log in to this site!!! I will NOT be online much. Either send me an e-mail or you know where I rest my nest!!! I know there is nothing wrong with my computer, I visit other sites too much and have no issues at all.
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