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    4 month old Easter Eggers.... boys or girls???

    Alright, so, anyone interested in a couple of EE roos??
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    4 month old Easter Eggers.... boys or girls???

    Thanks for your input. I purchased a dozen hatching eggs that were supposed to be Ameraucana. Obviously, I think they are a mixture of both. Unfortunately, thanks to a snake, half of the eggs didn't have a chance to hatch. I tried getting more pictures but they wouldnt stay still here's a...
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    4 month old Easter Eggers.... boys or girls???

    (Excuse the bullet holes from where I shot a possum hah)
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    4 month old Easter Eggers.... boys or girls???

    This is our 7 year old hen (ordered her in a group of day olds from Ideal 7 years ago. Love her dearly!) named Christmas, with 4 of her 5 "chicks" that she hatched out 4 months ago. She went broody over the summer so I purchased some fertilized Ameracauna/Easter Egger eggs for her. From pretty...
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    hens with diarrhea, one died

    I have 4 (3 year old) hens, and a 6 (5 month old) pullets (and one same age roo). A week or so ago, I noticed my old RIR girl, Red Hen, who of course was my most beloved chicken, had diarrhea (it was all over her backend) and the next day, I found her dead. =( I have been keeping a close eye on...
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    shouldn't this hen/pullet be laying by now????

    I have a hen (pullet?) that I ordered as a day old chick back in January (the only one that I kept out of that batch when I downsized my flock a couple months back). She has never laid an egg before... EVER! WHY?!?! I've never had a hen go so long without laying. I ordered her from Ideal. I just...
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    baby goat cuteness!! (pic heavy)

    I love my goats. They are the reason for my sanity (with having 4 kids under 7, plus my husband who is my 5th child). I think everyone should own atleast 2 goats.
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    Shadow Paints foaling/kidding Thread.Twitch COLT pics pg 477!!

    I am sooooo confused. I thought this was about a mare (Lacey) and then I saw about 50 pages of people talking about every move Harley the goat is making.... and then there are all the comments about dogs and other horses and other goats what the heck?! I hope Harley is okay.... is she on day...
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    baby goat cuteness!! (pic heavy)

    Thanks all. They are a blast. We are having so much fun with them. I can't wait for Shadow to have her babies! I hope she has triplets again.
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    baby goat cuteness!! (pic heavy)

    Just wanted to share some photos of our recent kids. (they are Nigerian Dwarf goats) Millennia (Millie) Peppermint Our daughter Hayley with Caramel and Millie The sunlight got in the way, but I caught Millie in mid-leap! Thumbkin's twin bucks, Copper and Zinc mmmmmm milk...
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    Goat & Pig Pens ?? Info needed

    I raise miniature dairy goats, and currently we are raising a hog (our second) who will be processed later this week *jumps up and down* My does have a big pasture area, my two bucks have a pin that is 16x16 (cattle panels) plus a stall that is 10x6. The pig pin is next to the buck pin and it...
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    Nigerian Dwarf Goat bottle babies!

    Twin boys born 1-24-11. Both parents are ADGA registered but these guys are being sold as pets without papers. $50 each if you buy both, or $75 each. One has lots of moonspots. Disbudded and bottle raised. Great pets!!! We have registered doe and buck kids as well.
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    Splash Silkie hen

    Just letting everyone know that she is sold to a wonderful home. Thank you so much for all the interest. And for the record, she sold for $50, not $10. Thanks all.
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    Splash Silkie hen

    Are you attending the Jefferson Ga Show. If so Can i Pick her up there if i won sorry, I am not planning to attend.
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