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    can chickens eat crayfish tails from a creek?

    I threw out a dead pet crawdad and the chickens pounced on it. They were all okay but I wouldn't try feeding them one again
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    Turkey Pictures please!!!

    Sorry if this has been asked already, but looking at all these turkey pictures some of the toms tail feathers seem to be more well kept while others are scraggly. Is it the breed or the individual or what? Is there a way to get them to preen more?
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    Do chickens lay eggs in the morning?

    They generally lay before noon but every now and then they'll lay later. I don't think it will hurt your dogs to eat them but I've heard that once a dog starts its hard to get him to stop
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    Question about broody hens

    You can try it since some people have had success with bantam X standard. But you might just want to break her since the chances aren't good :/
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    When to provide access to nesting box?

    I'd say around fifteen weeks :)
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    Tell me about Bantam egg laying, please

    My hen layed three or four a week for almost two weeks went broody. So they're not bad they just try to sit a lot. :)
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    Took broody hen off eggs replaced....

    I've never tried giving a hen chicks but from what I've heard your supposed to get chicks a few days old or less and at night replace the eggs for the chicks. You could try that with your chicks but be careful she might not accept them it sounds like she didn't the first time
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    Sevin dust

    I've used sevin on a broody OEGB hen once. Pretty much anywhere there was a feather it was covered in dust. I sprinkled some in the nest and some on the ground of the barn lot she was in. It's been about ten weeks and the hen and her chicks are doing fine. I also use sevin on anthills that are...
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    Sounds like it. :)
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    Do hens lay everyday?

    Once your hens get into the hang of laying you can expect 2 eggs from 3 hens a day (give of take an egg every now and then). Don't worry it's normal for hens to skip a day even the best egg laying breeds. :)
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    Dogs Attacked Chicken---Now Two Missing

    When one of mine got attacked by our dog she ran and hid in a hole under an enormous pile of sticks. I had to pull her out but idk how long she would have stated in there if I hadn't. As for yours how bad was the attack? If it was bad then she might have ran away and then died. Or the two hens...
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    You usually don't want her to sit on eggs that are older than ten days. Although they still might hatch, the number that hatch will start to decline. What you need to do is collect the eggs you want her to hatch, put them in a carton in your house, then put 10 - 15 real or fake eggs in the nest...
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    My EE has never done this but she's raising chicks now and whenever a more dominant hen pecks her she tucks her head in and walks backwards. When she's done she goes back to normal :D
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    What is the best broody breed?

    I've also had luck with Old English Games
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    Broody hen

    Yep most hens will raise anything even other species so don't worry a lot of people switch the eggs to let her hatch what they want :D
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