10 Beaktime Chicken Cup Waterers + 1/2" PVC T Bracket

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    • They are automatic so you do not need to water chickens as often
    • They do not leave puddles below like nipple waterers
    • They are contained so there is no backflow meaning there will be much less need for cleaning and less green growth that is very common with standard waterers
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  1. BellevueOmlet
    "Easiest way to water chickens"
    Pros - quick
    Allows for automatic water to adult chickens. I only have to give my chickens water once per month instead of every day
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  1. 3riverschick
    I have a waterer like this only a different manufacturer. we've had about 2 weeks and I have found out one thing I need to Sponge Out the cups once a day . because when the chickens drink out of the cup they leave dirt in the cup and the cups are not self cleaning
    so just a little swipe with a paper towel once a day... just real light to pick up the dirt in the bottom of the cup. It's not a problem, just a suggestion. I really like this type of waterer. it's a great idea!
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