5 Gallon Double Wall Fount

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  1. CWDancer
    "great water container"
    Pros - holds 5 gallons
    Cons - chickens like to roost on them
    I like these better than the plastic containers I've tried so far. They hold 5 gallons of water and until they start to rust from age and hard water they are great. When they start to slowly leak its time to replace them. Only downfall is the chickens like to roost on them and poop in their water. I've tried a few things to combat that issue and nothing seems to work for long.
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    2007, 2012, 2017
  2. Farmgirl1878
    "Great heavy duty waterer"
    Pros - Heavy duty, holds a lot of water, great interior handle - comfortable to carry, works with a heated base, easy to keep clean
    Cons - Chickens love to perch on the top
    Love it! I bought it this summer to use with a heated base during the winter, but the birds liked it so well that we’ve kept it out since we brought it home from Rural King and filled it up!
  3. Tsjschickens
    "So far so good!"
    Pros - All metal well made
    Cons - They like to jump on top of it and get dirt in the water but its not the waterers fault. Hanging would solve that problem.
    Mostly picked this one over the plastic one because I was thinking ahead about the winter. Planning to put a warmer under it to keep the water from freezing .
  4. cindyloowhoo
    "Works great"
    Pros - Easy to fill and use. Water stays clean. Holds plenty of water for when you're going to be away.
    Cons - Don't have any
    Really like this. Wanted something that was easy to fill, holds a lot, doesn't leak and keeps the water clean. This does the trick! I also like the look of it since I have similar for the feeder and both have that farm look and work great! I didn't want plastic, which can crack in the winter plus I just don't like plastic and the galvanized was way less expensive than plastic ones
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  5. HoennerTannie
    "Works great for our uses!"
    Pros - Easy to clean, sturdy, can hold a full 5 gallons, which is ideal
    Cons - It can freeze together in wintertime (Manitoba winters), and tends to rust when it's not cleaned properly.
    I've only had mine for 1.5 years, but I love that it can contain so much water. I have mine on a wooden perch to keep it away from the ground. Very happy with this waterer, I'm hoping to purchase a heated element or something to put underneath to keep it warm during the winter.
  6. pasuit
    Pros - Durable
    Cons - Must be on Level Surface or it wont hold water.
    Durable but must be on a level surface or it won't hold water.
  7. snow5164
    "Don't buy this"
    Pros - None
    Cons - Rusts inside . Heavy to carry and handle is sharp .
    Very dissatisfied with this expensive product . Bought mine in the winter set up my cookie tin heater underneath, and by spring they were both orange with rust inside . I only used fresh clean water.

    My 5 gallon plastic waterer is much better and less expensive
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  8. GardenJen77
    "Doesn't hold water well"
    Pros - Easy to carry inner and outer handles. Sturdy, easy to refill
    Cons - Flow valve doesn't properly seal
    Though this waterer is a lot sturdier and easier to refill than those plastic things, I seem to go through water MUCH quicker, because the valve doesn't properly seal.

    For instance, I have a flock of 8 birds that use this particular waterer. I have another flock of 16 birds that use a plastic one that holds twice as much. You would think that I would be refilling water at about the same rate, because the amount of water per bird is the same.

    However, I go through water twice as fast, almost having to refill it daily, with just 8 birds. When they used the plastic one, I filled it once a week.

    Not sure if there is a replacement piece that would fix issue or not.
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  9. WYNot
    "Won't hold water"
    Pros - Solid construction
    Cons - Won't hold water
    Have one of these and it won't hold water. Built a small level pad for it and it still flows over the edge until empty. Guessing there is a hole somewhere that is keeping it from holding a vacuum but I can't find it.
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  10. 25eggfarm
    "best chicken waterer ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    Pros - keeps water cold, easy to clean, vary hard to brake, works good in winter.
    Cons - non
    its better then the plastic ones, keeps water cold, easy to clean, vary hard to brake, works good in winter. their is also a heating pan for the winter that sits under the waterer it plugs in to the wall.

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