Bowl Guard for Poultry Fount

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  1. HighStreetCoop
    "My chooks were not fans"
    Pros - I don't really see any
    Cons - Half my chickens wouldn't drink out of the bowl with this attached
    When I first set up my Little Giant fount, I had one of these on it. Half the birds just would NOT go near the thing and the others looked uncomfortable as they turned their heads sideways to get in under it (and it really didn't seem to do much to keep dirt or straw out of the bowl). I took it off and now they're all using the bowl without issue.
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  2. CGinJCMO
    "Keeps most gunk out"
    Pros - Chickens can't roost on it
    Cons - fits the smaller bowl but not King Size
    I bought 2 of these; one from MurrayMcMurray and one from Randall. My chickens like to scratch around a lot and really fling the bedding around. The cover helps keep most of the gunk out of the water.
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