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Easter Eggers

Average User Rating:
  1. SoCalClucker
    "Sweet breed with pretty eggs"
    Pros - Sweet, calm, docile layer of colored eggs
    Cons - Not steady in laying, seem fairly quick to wind down... but the personality wins!
    "Easter Egger" seems to include a lot of variability in the breed... we got 3, and all 3 look different. However, they all have very sweet and calm temperaments, and lay eggs that range from olive green to blue-green. Very pretty! They've never been the most productive birds in our flock, and at 3 ours are definitely winding down, but we can't bear to part with them as they are just such mellow girls.
  2. lbierly
    "Sweet, Sweet chickens"
    Pros - very friendly
    Cons - none
    I love my Easter Eggers, they are so sweet. As soon as they see ya they come running looking at you like did you bring me a goody. Love this chicken.
  3. givengrove
    Pros - Beautiful eggs, funny looking (in a cute way)
    Cons - Clingy (to flock), cheeky, speedy, shy
    I have an Easter Egger named Junie and.. they're not exactly the most friendly.. sticks close to the adopted mother and runs away even after profuse handling.
  4. KikisGirls
    "Good layers"
    Pros - Nice size blue egg
    Pretty feather colors, nice size blue egg and good layers.
  5. kacothran
    "Fun Breed"
    Pros - Beautiful variety, colorful eggs, funny personalities
    Cons - Don't love to be handled
    These are definitely one of my top favorite breeds! They tend to have the silliest and sweetest personalities. I love the colored eggs, and they are reliable layers. My Easter Eggers don't love to be picked up and handled, but they love following me around the yard and sitting in the grass close by me. You literally can't go wrong with these birds!
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  6. mjett5578
    Pros - one of the most beautiful breeds around, lay gorgeous blue-green eggs
    Cons - Not as nice as Ameraucanas
    For some reason, In my experience, Ameraucanas have just been more docile. Even they come from the same order, and breeding place, I've just found EEs to be more skittish. Also, people commonly mistake them for an actual breed. An Easter Egger is an Ameraucana that doesn't fit the breeding standards of Ameraucanas. For example, if your hen is an "Ameraucana", but doesn't have tufts and a beard, then it is an EE. Also, there is only a few colors that are "true Ameraucana", so if you have any different colors, then it is an EE. Here is the website to find the breed standards: http://ameraucanabreedersclub.org/standard.html
  7. combatfuzzball
    "Great birds"
    Pros - Friendly, intelligent, Neat, nice looking
    Cons - flighty, smaller size, Hard to ID sex early
    I have 8 chicks now about 10 weeks old. 4 roosters and 4 hens. They are amazingly neat for chickens. Meaning they don't poop on everything all the time like some breeds. I have a rooster and a hen which are very friendly and a few somewhat friendly and some that are really skittish. They are beautiful birds with amazing color variety.
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  8. Chicken Girl1
    "Fun birds"
    Pros - Pretty, sweet, lay colorful eggs
    Love my Easter Eggers, sweet, adorable, quirky birds with great personalities. Although I advise get a nipple waterer especially if you have these birds because they get their birds all wet and dirty with other waterers.
  9. TheBantyCoop
    "Wonderfully Quirky Birds"
    Pros - MAZING eggs, Full of Antics, Cold-Hearty, Fun to Look at
    Cons - Flighty, Delicate, Beards Get Muddy
    My EE gives me little room to complain about her.


    Her eggs are SO beautiful and they catch the eyes of visitors frequently, and she is quite diligent in her laying practices.

    She is the most animated of my girls. Whenever I walk to the coop, she flies onto a perch on the side of the run immediately in hopes of catching the first glimpse at the morning veggie haul.

    I appreciate how cold-hearty she is. I trust her beard and pea comb to shelter her from any mildly frosty weather.

    She is a funny-looking girl, but in the most wonderful way. I really like how all EEs seem to have different patterns and colors. Her beard makes me laugh. [​IMG]
    The roosters are breathtaking!


    She is quite flighty and if she wanted to she could EASILY scale an 8+ foot fence. I keep an extra eye on her while she is ranging. I have trouble catching and handling her, which can be problematic. She stresses much more easily than my other birds and is always the first to run from anything scary, which can be a pro for ranging.

    She is the scrawniest of my birds. She feels less hardy overall and she is somewhat smaller, although this is not reflected in her eggs.

    Her beard gets muddy, especially after rain or eating something sticky, like watermelon. This is not a huge deal, but sometimes it becomes a health hazard and I need to clean it up a bit. I do not believe that most people have this problem. I just live in an area with a large quantity of precipitation, and maybe my EE is just messy.

    Consensus: They are awesome birds and I would recommend them to anyone wanting to get chickens or add more girls to their flock after disclosing some of the mild problems I have with mine.
  10. chicken4prez
    "Great birds!!!!"
    Pros - Friendly, beautiful eggs, good with children, bright colours.
    Cons - Can be a bit aggressive.
    I have a couple EE's and they're so sweet and friendly! They love hanging out with humans and they're beautiful eggs make the egg carton a whole lot brighter!!! [​IMG] I would definitely recommend these to a friend who's new with chickens. My neighbour has a couple EE's and one of them is really aggressive but the rest are so friendly. I find that mine don't lay a whole lot but my neighbours get tons of pretty blues and greens.

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