Easter Eggers

Pros: Good egg layer, quirky personalities, gorgeous feathers and beards
Cons: Mistaken for Ameraucanas, Araucanas, etc. Also kind of flighty.
I really like my Easter Eggers (whom I thought were Ameraucanas the first few months of their lives). They have the funniest little quirks and are super floofy. One of the two has finally started laying a pretty sage-green egg every other day and loves to announce it. (She is very loud) They both are kind of flighty and love to fly the coop. Aside from the noise and flightiness, they are some of the best (and most adorable) chickens I've owned.
Pros: Neat looking birds that lay beautiful colored eggs. Personable.
Cons: Mistaken for Araucanas and Ameraucanas.
Easter Eggers are great chickens! They are hardy, personable, neat looking, and lay beautiful blue eggs,
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April 30, 2020
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Zara and Elke
Where did you get them? I have been looking for this breed for a while but can’t find them anywhere!:)
I got them at my local mom and pop feed store. But I have seen TSC and CountryMax both carry them too!
Pros: Great layers of beautiful eggs, beautiful, friendly and make great pets.
Cons: Often confused with Ameraucanas or "Americanas", but that's not really their fault.
I bought mine at a store as "Americanas". I later found out that they were Easter Eggers, but I have no inclination to get rid of them for not being a recognized breed. They are friendly and make me laugh a lot. The eggs I get are different shades of green and blue, more beautiful than the sky. I love my EEs, everybody should have some.
Pros: Well rounded informational piece.
Pros: Great layers; friendly birds that get along with others; colored eggs are popular
Cons: None that I can think of
As I said, Easter Eggers have become one of my favorite breeds in my flock; I definitely have more of them than any other breed. My grandkids love the colored eggs (they recognize the green and blue as "Grandma and Grandpa's" eggs). They are great layers with funny personalities.

I have one girl, "Amelia" who earned her name because she was what I call a "high flyer" who would come flying out of her coop every morning and would almost fly over our fence out of the chicken yard.

Sadly, one morning she got too rambunctious and took off before I had the door to her coop open; she'd done this before but this time she busted one of her air bladders in her chest. Folks - including our vet - recommended me "putting her out of her misery." I didn't have the heart. So we nursed her hoping on the outside chance her bladder might heal. It never did, but that hasn't slowed her. She started laying eggs again and is the last surviving member of her brood. Needless to say she is a special bird.

They aren't my friendliest breed in that I have others who love to be held, but they like to follow me around in the yard as I go about my business. More importantly, they get along with others in the flock and are good producers. As I said, they are one of my favorites.
Pros: Posted description states medium egg productivity, but mine lay an egg every day, with a very occasional exception.
Cons: Important to bear in mind when purchasing birds called "Americaunas" or similar. Some major feed stores that sell chicks like to sub these birds and dub them this name.
I love my EEs and breed them
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Pros: Mellow, comes in many colors, sweet, calm, good mother.
Cons: Roosters can be on the aggressive side.
My sister and I had two Easter Eggers (we called them Araucanas because the feed store probably sold them as such) when we were kids and both hens were great pets (one was buff orange, the other brown with gold neck feathers). We let our chickens free range then and my EE hatched out a batch of chicks once or twice. I recall one time when a large hawk landed on a fence post to check them out. We heard a ruckus and came running outside to find the hen jumping up at the hawk to scare it away. The babies were nowhere to be found, but after the hawk left momma chicken called them out from the shrubs where she'd told them to hide. She'd also allow us to hold them and play with them without a fuss. Great mother hen.

Now I have two Easter Eggers who are about 3 months old. One is gold and brown and she will let me hold her but prefers to just hang out around me or sit on my shoulder. The other one is mostly white with some rusty-dusted feathers and smoky gray neck feathers (really neat color) and she will come up to me and ''whine'' until I pick her up and give her snuggles. So very different personalities, but both very tame and comfortable with me.

The only reason I state the roosters are aggressive is because we adopted one from some friends of ours and he was always terrorizing us as kids, and the other was a street chicken on my block who terrorized the neighbors (but I was older at the time and simply picked him up to show him I wasn't afraid of him. After that, he was reluctant to attack me). Things might have turned out differently if I had been the one to raise either of the boys from eggs (most of the roosters I've raised since eggs or day-old have turned out great).
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Pros: Good layers, Sweet, Winter well, forge well
Cons: None!
:weeSome of the best Birds I have had they lay better than my Rode island Reds, are so sweet and gentle, they forage well over a large area I love this breed.
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Pros: Very Sweet!
I absolutely love my EEs! They are sweet and smart. They have learned tricks for treats and were easily trained to go into the coop as raised them in the house as chicks. :oops: I had 11 and would lay up to 9 eggs a day most days. My girls lay pink, blue, green, and "taupe" colored eggs. I recently lost 5 of my flock due to a bobcat attack and am currently incubating more. I would love to introduce a roo to my flock because I would be devastated if I lost any more of my "originals" and want to carry on that bloodline as they are all sisters. They are great with my niece and nephew. I think they are a must for any flock. :thumbsup
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Pros: Gave information that explained what an Easter Egger really is
Cons: couldn't find any off hand
Great description. We wanted to have colored eggs in our breed selection we picked the Ameraucana to our growing flock we got 43 40 Hens 2 Roosters and a tiny little one who we say is a surprise as we cant tell yet at 11 weeks we do hear someone in the coop trying to crow and we think it is our little surprise. this is our primary set up. our Main Hen house holds 100 Hens side coop holds 20 and we have separated coop/runs for each breeds roosters.


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Pros: Very friendly and easy to get tame.
Cons: As for me nothing!
I have two of those and I love their personality. They are my favorite breed and I love the colorful eggs!
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Pros: Great color plumage and egg color, great foragers
Cons: Flighty and an escape artist.
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Pros: Colorful, colorful eggs, variability
Cons: Not the best layers, can be noisy, variabilty
I have to say Easter Eggers are probably my favorite "breed", I love all of the randomness of the colors and how much each chick is a surprise as to what it'll look like. I had 3 Easter Eggers in my original flock of 10 (which sadly had to be rehomed when we moved), and now have 7 more EE chicks out of 21 total.

Of the original 3, 2 were the friendliest of the flock and were happy to be handled, and the other one was the least friendly of the entire flock and would scream and run if you ever managed to get close enough to touch her. That's what I mean about variability, it's lovely in the colors of the birds and the eggs, but if you want consistency then this is not the breed for you. The new chicks are still too young to assess but no one has the same color pattern.
Pros: They lay eggs, they are pretty.
Cons: Ours don't lay very many eggs, usually you can barely tell their eggs are blue, ours are all skittish.
Ours are very pretty birds, but ours egg colors aren't my favorite, and ours don't lay very often. Ours our very very skittish. Some like to free range, most like to stay in the barn and barnyard...
Pros: Their eggs are large and have green shells.
Cons: I've heard they sometimes can suffer from a cleft pallet.
Their eggs are large and have green shells. Everybody I sell eggs to LOVES getting the green ones. The eggs almost cannot fit in the carton! I wish I had gotten more Easter Eggers! Everyone loves Eleanor! She's so friendly too! She comes right up on my lap as soon as sit down. She also lays her eggs very quick! I saw her sit down and come right back out and there was a nice green egg right there in the nesting box. I've heard they sometimes can suffer from a cleft pallet. Eleanor did not have that problem but it's common in Easter Eggers.
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Pros: They are very sweet and friendly!
Docile and loves to run to me for pets
Cons: Nothing!
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$4.99 chicks
Pros: Beautiful, look like wild birds
Cool eggs of various colors
Cons: Some people are put off by blue and green eggs
To my eye, Easter Eggers are gorgeous! They are wild looking birds, with subtle variations of color, each one unique and different from the others. Some are large bodied, some small, some have beards and muffs, some have smooth faces. And the eggs! So interesting to discover the color egg that each girl will lay.

My Easter Eggers have always been mild mannered and a bit stand-offish. That is not a negative at my place. I'm not a lap chicken type of girl. These hens are independent and smart, they have excellent survivability when free ranging.

I always have Easter Eggers in my flock. The other breeds vary, but always a few Easter Eggers.
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Pros: Good egg production, colorful, well mannered.
Easter Eggers are the perfect breed to get some interesting colors within your flock. Plus, blue eggs (most of the time)! The EE's I've ever had, have always been great egg layers too. They lay fairly large eggs. They're a very fun breed! They are usually easy going and calm. Some have been very friendly and others can stay by you, but just preferred not to be touched. But never too skittish.

Not sure what it is, but they can sometimes chose to fly around and hop the fence when they are young. Hasn't been much of an issue when they got full size. Plus, nothing a good wing trimming cant fix.
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