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The Easter Egger is not really a breed. They are relationed to the breeds Ameraucanas and Araucanas, then bred with many different breeds so they no longer fit either breed's standards. They usually have muffs and pea combs, but come in nearly every variety and color, some even have ear tufts or are rumpless. Each EE is different, but overall they are usually a smaller bird that lays pink, green, or blue eggs. They are normally friendly and calm, and their colorful eggs make them a popular choice in backyard flocks.

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For more info on Easter Eggers and their owners' experiences, see our breed discussion here:


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Pros: Neat looking birds that lay beautiful colored eggs. Personable.
Cons: Mistaken for Araucanas and Ameraucanas.
Easter Eggers are great chickens! They are hardy, personable, neat looking, and lay beautiful blue eggs,
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April 30, 2020
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Zara and Elke
Where did you get them? I have been looking for this breed for a while but can’t find them anywhere!:)
I got them at my local mom and pop feed store. But I have seen TSC and CountryMax both carry them too!
Pros: Great layers of beautiful eggs, beautiful, friendly and make great pets.
Cons: Often confused with Ameraucanas or "Americanas", but that's not really their fault.
I bought mine at a store as "Americanas". I later found out that they were Easter Eggers, but I have no inclination to get rid of them for not being a recognized breed. They are friendly and make me laugh a lot. The eggs I get are different shades of green and blue, more beautiful than the sky. I love my EEs, everybody should have some.
Pros: Well rounded informational piece.


I have a problem I have three easter egger bantams all are in the same coop eating the same layer feed , but one has started to lay a white egg. She has been doing this for a few days. What caused this and how can i fix it?
Because you're never sure of an Easter Egger's parentage, you never know whether the colorful egg gene has been passed down or not. Some don't lay colorful eggs, but this is not very common so if you have one that does it, the others are not likely to.
Even in Hawaii they stop laying during the winter - though we are high in elevation the coldest is only about 55-65
Our EE's have been consistent layers of HUGE blue eggs, and I'm getting 4 1/2 a week per bird (% wise). They started laying in the beginning of the year (probably due to the lighted coop). Ours are a cross between show Amerucanas and an Orp/Ameruacana Roo (so 3/4 Am). Wouldn't be without them!
I agree ! I adore my 3 EE's. EE's are like snowflakes, no 2 are the same ! All three of my girls eggs are a different shade of blue. They certainly add character to any flock :)
Glad you enjoy your EEs as much as I enjoy mine! I have a few hens that lay different shades too, one is like an olive color and then all the way to a nice sky blue. Their cute little beards and cheeks give them an adoreable appearance in my opinion too! LOL!
Gotten pretty cold here in mid MO, my little group of EEs lay throughout the winter months with a little bit of a slowdown. Wired the hen house when I built it as well as insulated the walls. Couple of infrared lamps keeps the house 50 or above when the night temps are 10 or below (but not too much lower).
Aww poor babies, I'd like to get a few EE bantams, but I have Seramas, so I don't think they'd have to worry about bullying.
I have 4 in lockdown in my incubator right now. I am pretty sure 3 are good, 1 is iffy. This is my first time ever incubating. I have an EE roo already, very beautiful and he is very nice to people, my large dog, and his hens. I love his big poofy grey beard/muffs
Great Post. Thank you I have one americauna (easter egger?), it's 7 weeks old. I was wondering what to expect other than it is beautiful.
I was surprised at the size! I have a mostly white one (EE) and one that has molted into a beautiful mostly buff and white. Their eggs are the largest next to my sexlinks. The Buff and White one, Ariel is hardly ever crabby and is the bud to our first BO. She was the most "emotionally" shaken when we had a dog attack so is a bit shy. The White one, Snow White (can you tell I have a 7 year old (at the time) princess naming these! LOL) is much more friendly. I usually can pet her on the roost or in the box. They are smart and they will fly but not to high and only a short distance. Hope you enjoy your little one like we have ours.
Hang in there....I have three hens and they are my most consistent layers in the coop. Once they begin laying, their personalities changed and they stopped the skittishness and now crowd at my feet in the morning, looking for hand-outs. And their eggs are lovely shades, varying from olive to a robin's egg blue.
Thanks for the info on the EE...... wonder how mine will compare when she begins her laying career.
my mom had a chicken like that named speck and she would come up on the porch and chill with my mom and when she came inside she she NEVER pooped but last year we found her in the neighbors feild died:'(

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