Electric Heater Base for Poultry Fount

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  1. Rob Tof
    "Little giant water heater"
    Pros - Works well water never froze all winter long
    Cons - Expensive to run. $$ im guessing 50$ a month in electricity.
    Work well but cost$$ to run.
  2. Cycomiko
    Pros - It works
    Cons - cord isn't that long
    I use this for a metal food dish, filled with either fermented or wet mash, or cooked cabbage, or anything else they don't eat right away before single digit temps would freeze. A great purchase for the 2017-2018 big chill.
  3. Angiebubs
    "Great product!"
    Pros - Works great even in -20 temps
    This worked very well with my 5 gal metal waterer. No issues even with -20 degree weather.

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  1. chickfilletNOT
    Someone on Pinterest said that she puts heavily salted water in used water bottles, caps them tightly, and floats them in her chicken waterer in the winter. She said that her water has never frozen since she did it. I am going to try it this winter, seems good for people who don't get electric to their coop?
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  2. zeke
    I agree this is a nice product. good advice 4 sure

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