Golden Pheasant

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  • Breed Colors/Varieties:
    Silver, Peach, Red, Yellow, Splash, and Dark Throated Goldens.
    Breed Size:
    Large Fowl
    Goldens come from China.
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  • Breed Details:
    Golden Pheasants are pretty easy to raise. Chicks need 24% Gamebird Starter, and fresh water at ALL times. I like to put marbles in the waterer to prevent drowning. They can go outside in a grow-out pen at 6 wks. of age. They are the best pheasant breed for beginners and are quite tame! They weigh about 2 pounds at maturity, and they are ORNAMENTAL pheasants. They don't need any special housing, just a run covered with wire, and a doghouse like shelter. :) They are somewhat loud in breeding season (males)Breeding season lasts a few months. And best kept in pairs, trios, or 1 male to 3 hens. :)







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  1. Indyshent
    "Quiet eyecandy"
    Pros - Quiet, lovely, small, don't eat much
    Cons - Don't lay much, require very high protein and large enclosures
    I've always been enamored of Goldens and finally owned a pair, starting April 2016. They're lovely, quiet, little birds that pack a lot if color and beauty into a tiny space. I found their temperaments did best when allowed a very large space with other species of fowl.
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  2. Book Em Danno25
    "Beautiful Birds!!"
    Pros - Beautiful!! Calm, Hearty in all weather conditions
    Cons - None!!
    My dad had some and he loved them!
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  3. maxpedley
    "Top birds for anyone."
    Pros - Beautiful, cold hardy, warm hardy, efficient, calm
    Cons - Harder to breed than most domestic birds, can be flighty
    The golden pheasant. Everyone has probably seen one at some point in a zoo or aviary. You see them and you will be sure to comment on the brilliance of the male, you probably won't even see a hen. You will probably think that they are only ever kept in zoos as such, and that they would be impossible to keep in your back garden. You couldn't be more wrong. They are a fantastic bird to have in an aviary in your garden. They are modest in their needs and will certainly be a talking point next time you have a BBQ. And surprisingly they are very easy to source. I suggest you get to work on an aviary right now!!!!!
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  1. Corny Caleb
    I have always loved Golden pheasant! I always wish I could buy some eggs, but I don't know how much they go for...
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