Kuhl - Plastic Rollout Nests - PRO10

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  • Plastic roll-out nest bottom for replacement or conversion. Unit is made out of heavy-duty plastic material to provide multiple seasons of trouble-free utilization.
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  1. amyburemt
    Pros - easy to clean, just pull them out and hose off.
    Cons - some chickens preferred nesting on the ground due to wanting straw there.
    This is an ok product. I like the ease of cleaning them. the eggs roll forward if you buy the nesting boxes that go with it and then are kept cleaner. sometimes the eggs did not roll though. all in all its not bad.
  2. twisted-acres-farm
    "NOT so MUCH"
    Cons - my hens hated being "tilted" forward and refused to use the nest boxes until I leveled them out.

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