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Laying Nest Pads, Nest Bottoms, Rollout Nests & Rivet Gun Kits

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  • Fleming Outdoors offers the very best in Kuhl Laying Nests. All laying nests are equipped with plastic perches and plastic nest bottoms to make a completely sanitizable unit. Kuhl offers a total of 16 different sized laying nests, including 3 different models to suit every budget and application. Kuhl suggests one nest hole per 8 to 10 birds.
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Recent User Reviews

  1. danny123
    "roll out egg box"
    Pros - good for egg eating chickens
    Cons - gets full easy
    the roll out egg box is AMAZING!!! and it is really easy to clean out and really easy to get the eggs out and to stop any chickens from eating any of the eggs. It is BRILLIENT!!!

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