Oriental Roller

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  • Breed Colors/Varieties:
    Black, Dun, Red, Yellow, Bar, Check, Almond, Sprinkle, DeRoy, Grizzle, White, T-Pattern(no bronze), Ash, Cream, Andalusian, Opal, Kite(t-pattern with bronze) & Buff/Tuff.
    Breed Size:
    Large Fowl
    The Oriental Roller pigeon origins come from the Middle East and Asian countries, namely Pakistan, Turkey, Syria, Kurdistan, which is northern Iran, Iran and other countries in the Asian part of the world.
    The Oriental Roller was imported to the United States in 1927 to the Bronx Zoo.
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    The Oriental does not fly in a kit as well as does the Birmingham Roller, They prefer to be more individuals and do their own thing in the air.







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  1. GoldenFlight
    "Very Beautiful"
    Pros - Cool shape, beautiful dancer, good mate, and okay parent.
    Cons - Not the best flyer and wasn't a great parent the first time through it.
    We have had our one male (Reuben) for about half a year. Reuben is very tame and loving to people. He has had two kids who are both cross breeds, but he really didn't know how to raise them till the second one.
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