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    Most common peafowl are India Blue. India Blue also come in other color varieties.
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    Large Fowl
    The India Blue Peafowl is native to South Asia.
    The Green Peafowl is native to Burma east to Java.
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    Other color varieties include: White, Black Shoulder, Purple, Silver Pied, Opal, Cameo and Bronze. India Blue mixed with Green are known as Spaldings. Peafowl are easy to care for, very entertaining and gentle birds.







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  1. annarogetta
    "my spalding peacock is a punk"
    Pros - protective of flock, beautiful, curious
    Cons - territorial, attitude, curious
    I got my spalding, originally i wanted an indian blue, and he is a pain in the butt. I had a purple peahen, and she was an angel, indian blues and their color varieties are more docile than the spaldings. unfortunately my peahen got taken by a fox. Now my spalding whines all the time and looks through the windows of our house and our neighbors' houses. They need someone to protect and they are fine, but if they don't have a few partners, they get hormonal and will try to size up other people and cars thinking they can try to take them out. You cannot just get one, you have to get a few
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  2. Flutterbee
    "Great, Personable Birds"
    Pros - Beautiful, Friendly, Great feathers when molted
    Cons - Loud
    I have two peacocks, Jacar and Clue, and they are wonderful birds!
  3. Book Em Danno25
    "Peafowl are Pretty Great!"
    Pros - VERY Beautiful, Mates well, Hearty
    Cons - They can fly away and VERY Noisy
    I love all 9 of my peacocks!

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  1. Sweet Peachick
    My male Java green peacock is suddenly stalking me and trying to jump me when I'm working in the garden. I think he is trying to rape me? I raised them from babies and never had this issue. He is around two now and I let them free roam now and he will not leave me alone.
  2. lovemypolish
    Are peacocks hard to raise? What's the secret?
  3. Teresa anderson
    There is a wonderful family in Salado Texas that sells peafowl for $50.00 male or female. If you want his contact I have it.
    1. lovemypolish
      Can I get his information?
      lovemypolish, Mar 23, 2018
  4. Teresa anderson
    My Peacocks LOVE peanut butter. Does anyone know if this is bad for them?
  5. Frenchmenlove
    My peacock is definitely a stud !!!!
  6. CrazyChookLady5
  7. BYC-user-174785
    It all depends on the color and type. Yes, you may find an India Blue for that cheap, whereas you may not even be able to buy a peachick for that cheap if it a rarer color/pattern. For example, pure green peafowl can sell for thousands of dollars.
  8. CayleeMarie03
    I know some people who were selling peacocks for $45 for the male and $60 for the female
  9. nessa1317
    i saw a peacock male go for 76 dollars at the auction last week.

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