Plastic Flip Top Poultry Feeder

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  1. CuzChickens
    "Cheap, but I would far prefer the quart feeders"
    Pros - Easy to fill up, alot of chickens can eat at it at once.
    Cons - Chicks roost on it, it takes up alot of space.
    I have two of these feeders, they are definitely not for full grown hens, these are for chicks younger than 8 weeks. While they are easy to fill up, the peaked top makes it somewhat hard to fill it all the way up without it spilling, so it gets empty fast. The chicks roost on it alot and it ends up very poopy, and the top is forever flipping off.
  2. Incukahlan
    "Could be better"
    Pros - Holds a good amount of feed, durable, colorful?
    Cons - Gets dirty quickly, hard to clean, chickens open too easily, food gets buried rather quickly
    So, this is the cheapest feeder to get at our feed store. So for some reason I keep buying them. Lol. That said, I can't stand them for grown hens! They don't work. They get kicked open within 30 seconds of being placed down on the ground, which is frustrating because it takes me 3 minutes to open the darn thing and fill it! Lol. If it doesn't get kicked open it gets filled with straw, bedding, muck, and whatever else is laying around. When I do use these I elevate them on bricks to minimize this. I've also tried using wire to keep it closed so they can't make a mess, but that just makes them get mad and flip it completely upside down. Save your money and use a random plastic container you have lying around. Lol. Works good for little ones, because they are too small to battle with it. Once the bird is bigger than the feeder the feeder does not work. : )
  3. beetandsteet
    "Pretty bad little feeder"
    Pros - Sturdy
    Cons - Gets filled almost instantly with shavings and poop, chicks roost on it, food at bottom rarely ever gets eaten, difficult to fill
    If you're looking for a roost for your peeps, look no further! But as a feeder it really isn't very good, even though it is made out of tough materials. It gets filled instantly with kicked shavings and poop from perching birds, preventing the chicks from getting to the feed. The food at the bottom does not get eaten because you fill it from the top, after scraping out dirty litter. I tried propping it up on boards, but it still was perched on and got filled to overflowing with litter. The lid is hard to pop off without spilling feed. Overall I would definitely not recommend this feeder.

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  1. penny1960
    I have two but do not use them anymore too hard to open with
    the arthritis in my fingers
  2. chicken 101
    same they are just a pane in the but
  3. AmyLynn2374
    I agree!! I hate it. Don't use mine anymore, just keep it for emergencies such as having to seperate out chicks/sick chicken or such
  4. Chick N Momma
    This was helpful when they were less than a week old. However, I agree with weezilgirl - they will eventually roost on top, kick pine shavings in it and poop in it. Additionally, I had to remove it permanently when one of my guineas got her head stuck in TWO holes - all they way clear through.
  5. weezilgirl
    I don't like mine at all. They get on top of it and they kick pine shavings into it.
    I am cleaning the shavings out 2-3 times a day. I'm looking for something else.

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