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Rhode Island Red

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  1. rocking chickens
    "Good Breed"
    Pros - Good layers forage well
    Cons - Some times aggressive
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    2.00 chicks
  2. CalBickieMomma
    "Love this breed!"
    Pros - Friendly, smart, inquisitive, nice red color, good layers
    Cons - Can’t think of any!
    I love RIRs! When my family first moved into my childhood home over thirty years ago, it came with a flock of chickens, mostly RIRs, including a roo by the name of Arthur (my mom still talks about what a great rooster he was). When I got laying chickens again about six years ago, I got some RIRs and purposely ordered a roo (one of the hens ended up being a roo, so I had two). They both ended up being sweet roosters (even though I’ve heard they can be aggressive). I have a couple of young hens right now (10 weeks old) in my mixed flock and they are both very friendly and love attention and cuddling (and as young chicks they were the most inquisitive).
  3. Audrey Watson
    "Love her but she doesn't lay...?"
    Pros - She's very sweet and loved to be cuddles, eats out of your hand very gently
    Cons - My hen doesn't lay, I know most do but mine just doesn't for some reason
    I have a RIR who's conveniently named Red(I know, I'm so creative with my names), but she's so beautiful so it's fine. As I mentioned, she's very very pretty and beautiful and her temperament is wonderful. She is the sweetest not so little thing and will always come running up to you when you have treats(or sometimes even when you don't). Mine lets me sit her on my lap and she'll just stand on my leg and stare. However, mine doesn't lay eggs at all! She is one of the two oldest in our flock, around 5 but she's never laid at all, not even when she was younger. I know most RIR are known for their high egg output but mine's just an outlier I guess. I don't care if she doesn't lay because I just feed the eggs right back to my chickens, they're all just pets to me. I'm vegan so I don't eat the eggs.
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  4. N F C
    "Good Birds!"
    Pros - Good layers
    Cons - I never had any cons with them
    I really enjoyed the RIR's I raised...they were prolific layers and beautiful to look at. Mine never showed any of the "aggressiveness" others have reported.
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  5. chicklove14
    Pros - Pretty, Protective
    Cons - Aggressive, massive, messy
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  6. BusyMomofFive
    "Just getting started but I love them!"
    I have wanted Rhode Island Reds for a long time, mainly because my Uncle had some and used to bring eggs to us from his home in TN. I always thought those eggs tasted better than any other eggs I had ever had! So now I have 9 RIR's. And I cant wait to get this journey started, well I guess its already started as of 12 days ago now. Lol!
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  7. G Mitch
    "Another good egg producer ."
    Pros - Large brown eggs , Fairly quick growth , can make a good roaster if fed well .
    Cons - Roosters can be aggressive .
    Another one of those good duel purpose breeds . Will lay plenty of large and jumbo large brown eggs . These are in my top 5 of favorite breeds . We keep careful records of feed to egg ratios here because of the sheer number of birds we have in egg production and the Rhode Island red does very well . Roosters are nice looking and very protective of their hens but can be aggressive at times . They will supply you with lots of fertile eggs for the incubator if you like hatching out chicks .
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  8. gnine0326
    "RI Red"
    Pros - Good layers. Friendly. Get along with other breeds.
    I recently saved a few Reds. They have just started laying and as they are getting the hang of it the eggs are getting larger and a glossy brown. Mine are free ranged during the day and locked up at night. They are friendly and allow me to pick them up to check them out.
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  9. OneAndTwoOfFour
    "A New Favorite"
    Pros - Extra-large to jumbo cafe au lait eggs daily
    Good foragers and free rangers
    One of the first of our flock to run for cover when arial predators are present
    Reliably return to the coop on time every night
    Cons - None
    There aren't enough words to describe how wonderful these chickens are. We have six hens in our flock of over 150 chickens. These were the first hens I placed in our cart earlier this year from a major hatchery in Iowa. They seem to be on the smaller size when compared to our Buff Orpingtons and Barred Plymouth Rocks, which is fine for us since we run a no-kill farm.

    The Rhode Island Reds were not my favorites or even close when we first got them. They seemed a bit blank in the personality department, especially when compared to the Barred Rocks, which are ALL personality and winners. But over these last few months, the RIRs have really won me over.

    They began laying at 20 weeks. Their eggs started out quite small in a friendly café au lait color. At about six months old, their eggs went from petite to grande. Always extra-large or jumbo, these eggs have firm whites that hold their shape and yolks that are bright orange and stand at attention. They are truly fabulous layers of works of art.

    The hens are soft and personable, loving their cuddle time. They are independent and not beggars for food and treats but more so lovers of affection. They jump into my arms when I bend over and never try to get free. They used to be a bit skittish but not anymore. They were hatched March 26th and it's now November 4th. I'd say this growth in affectionate personality began about a month ago, at about six months of age.

    We never see them pecking at other hens or having any pecking order issues. They are just perfect hens in our peaceful flock. All of our hens and roosters love them.

    As far as free ranging, they range a respectable distance from the coop without worrying us. Our Buffs tend to range a bit far for our liking. They are always home in the coop safely before the threat of darkness falls upon the farm. This brings peace to our family as we can always depend on the Rhode Island Reds to be counted in full first. They're home early to reserve their nightly roost.

    And their plumage...GORGEOUS! They look as though they've been to the salon to get a cellophane treatment. Their feathers shine like the sun with what looks like a liquid gloss. They're dark brown with flame red highlights. To some, they might seem boring. But to a more piercing eye, they are brilliantly shaded and designed to sheer perfection.

    I honestly can't say enough good about these hens. They are certainly one of my favorite breeds and well worth the reputation they've earned.
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    March, 2018
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  10. Thomas Lamprogiorgos
    "Glossy brown eggs!!!"
    Pros - Great layers.
    Big glossy brown eggs.
    Great feed to egg conversion ratio.
    Good response to low-density feed
    Cold hardy.
    Heat tolerant.
    Adores humans a lot.
    Cons - The feather color wasn't appropriate for showing and exhibition.
    Also, my strain was bred for egg production and not for a dual purpose.
    Very aggressive to other chickens, not only to newcomers.
    Good forager, but not as good as Mediterranean Breeds.

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