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The Illustrated Guide to Chickens: How to Choose Them, How to Keep Them

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    The Illustrated Guide to Chickens: How to Choose Them, How to Keep Them
    Celia Lewis
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    An illustrated guide to the selection and care of chickens.Chickens are fun, useful, and easy to keep. If you have ever considered raising your own backyard flock, The Illustrated Guide to Chickens is the book for you!This book offers practical advice and contains all the information you need to choose from one of the hundred most familiar breeds of chicken in North America and Europe. Each breed’s profile is written in engaging text that covers its history and main characteristics. You will also find practical advice about poultry rearing and husbandry, including the pros and cons of pure breeds, hybrids, bantams, game foul, and more. The breeds include:AppenzellerHamburgNew Hampshire RedTransylvanian Naked NeckAnd many more!
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Recent User Reviews

  1. Chickenchick11
    "Perfect for choosing your first chickens!"
    Pros - Great list of breeds, beautiful paintings of each breed.
    Cons - Not very much information on how to take care of chickens.
    This a perfect book for picking out your first chickens or expanding your flock. It has beautiful paintings of many different chicken breeds. It also has great descriptions of the breeds. The only downside to this book is that it's called, The Illustrated Guide to Chickens: How to Choose Them, How to Keep Them, but it only briefly goes though how to keep them. It's more about the different chicken breeds than how to care for them.

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