1. K

    Bleeding feathers- at my wits end

    I have a chicken who every week or so has a tail feather broken and then starts bleeding. This has been going on for 5 months or so. I’ve resorted to pulling them. But as soon as they start growing back they break and bleed. I think she’s doing it herself when preening and then her friends go...
  2. W

    Help, Wobbly rooster is having trouble walking

    I have a Russian Orloff Rooster that is almost 3 years old. I have had him since he was 3 days old. Today I went in the stall and he is extremely wobbly and having trouble even walking. He is usually very active and has always been my most dominant rooster. A few weeks ago he had some dried...
  3. T

    How do we stop feather plucking to point of bleeding?

    Hey BYC community, We have 8 month old hens (first time chicken keepers). A couple of the girls are plucking/pecking feathers near the other girls vents and tail feathers to the point where we have made visits to the vet because of the bleeding. We don’t know how to stop this, have bought...
  4. B

    Injury in the corner of comb — please help!

    My beloved chicken, Nuggie, has a cut right between her head and her comb. It’s not bleeding anymore but has made a little sticky mess on her. She doesn’t seem to act any differently or even care! I suspect it to be from a rooster, as there are no other areas where it could have happened. No one...
  5. T

    Gosling injured during hatching

    I had already made a post about this in rhe emergency section and I was suggested to try posting here too to see if anyone has advice. So I am just going yo post exactly what I said before. Hello this is my first time posting here. I have been around this site before looking at tips and advice...
  6. T

    Gosling injured during hatching

    Hello this is my first time posting here. I have been around this site before looking at tips and advice, but right now I need some immediate help. Some time very late last night while one of my goslings was hatching this one got pretty injured. When I checked on it it was bleeding from...
  7. DuckDuckJuice

    Injured (?) Duck Mystery

    Yesterday morning, when we let the ducks out into the yard, my husband noticed blood splattered on the sides of two of our ducks. They had no visible injuries, but we found additional blood splatter in their bedding, near where the girls drop their eggs, and on the wall above. We carefully...
  8. Erica3600

    Pekin Egg bleeding?

    This is my first time incubating eggs. These are pekin ducklings. I’ve done a ton or research. It’s day 29 and these babies have pipped last night on day 28. On one of the eggs I’ve noticed a red clot of blood, is this normal? It is not bleeding, I just see the spot and it’s making me nervous...
  9. E

    Sudden aggression?

    I have four chickens living like queens in a big shed (their outdoor area isn’t ready yet). They have multiple waterers and feeders and normally seem to be happy, besides some pecking from our top girl Gwen who’s a few years older than the other three. The order was Gwen, Chichi, Inari, &...
  10. Phantom_k9

    Blood in poop, possible Cocci?

    Hello! I've noticed a bit of red / pink in in the general poop in the coop. I know it is normal for birds to have some red in their poop, I've seen it before. Just wanted to make sure this isn't anything I should be worried about. The potential bird(s) affected have already been in quarantine...
  11. Kaytlin

    Serious Dog Attack (GRAPHIC PICTURES)

    While I was at work a neighbor's kids trespassed on the land and their dog got into the chicken pen. My landlord was able to scare the mutt away before any of them were killed. There were a lot of feathers. The police were called (rightfully so: trespassing, neglect of the leash law, possible...
  12. Kaytlin

    Chick With An Ingrowth??

    I got a couple of new chicks this month: 2 faverolles and 5 silkies. They're all 2 weeks old (hatched Nov 1st). While doing my daily check-up I got a tiny drop of chicken blood on my hand. Upon closer inspection I noticed...something on the smaller faverolle's foot. Is this some sort of ingrown...
  13. Greystone farm

    Injured hen-help!!

    Hi friends! I have four beautiful hens, and tonight when I was putting them to bed, I noticed one was injured. It was one of my other birds picking on her, not a wild animal. She has a wound on her comb which is bleeding a lot all over the place. I have had this issue in the past and didn’t...
  14. D

    Bloody Eggs??

    One of my Americanas has laid these 2 eggs with normal eggs in between. Does this look like blood to you guys too? What could be the problem?
  15. ForestAlice

    Pin/Blood Feather Fell Out?

    Hi everyone. We had just taken our duck out of his bath and he flapped his wings a bit, and this developing feather fell to the ground. There was blood at the tip of it, but we can’t find where it came from on his body, since he doesn’t seem to be bleeding from wherever it fell out. There was...
  16. Pookypoo87

    Bloody Faced Babies!

    I have a small mixed straight run flock: two Silkies, an Orpington, and five low quality salmon faverolle. They are all about 1-2 months old. I went to feed them this morning and noticed two of faverolle that I am guessing are male look like this. What is happening?!? What do I do!
  17. M

    Splash Cochin Bantam leg/foot injury HELP PLEASE

    Hello! I'm a new chicken owner. I currently have 16 chickens of various breeds. Yesterday I noticed my Splash Cochin Bantam 9 weeks old, (I think that is the breed I know it's a bantam) was lame and not running in the yard with the flock. I picked her up to give her a look over and found that...
  18. CHlCKEN


    My best and most favorite hen, Joy broke an egg inside of her a week ago. After some meds to keep her from getting infected it happened again. Each time slowly the yolk would drain out of her system- but today she payed an egg shell with he insides full of blood and bloody outside. What is this...
  19. Maddog_photog

    Gosh darn it I struck oil...erm, blood.

    Cut my duck’s nails today. Struck blood on the only two I cut. Is there a better way to do this that this doesn’t happen?
  20. ejtalbert

    HELP!!! Blood and Worm in Stool! (graphic poop images)

    I have been seeing some red in my chicken's poop for a few days now, and have thought nothing of it because they have been enjoying a summer treat of watermelon. This time it had been a few days and I was still seeing small bubbles of red in my chicken's poop. Not often, but not too...
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