1. G

    Bloody egg white

    Cracked some eggs into a pan today, and one of them had blood all through egg white. Looking closer, there was a thick "blood cord" attached to the yolk. It couldn't have been a fertilized egg. We lost our rooster about 2 months ago. And they're in an enclosed run. This egg had been in the...
  2. Echoes

    Injury on roos foot. What to do?! *PICS*

    So I went out to feed the quail this morning and there were splats of blood all over the cage. Thought maybe there was a fight in there, though that would be strange because they've (1 roo & 6 hens) always been fine together. Though, 2 of the girls were just introduced in there alittle over a...
  3. chunandsnuggles

    What the heck is in this egg?

    My 3 year old california white hen laid this in a soft shell this morning- What's inside??? Looks like a white rock, and a blood clump with tissue in it. My main concern is her safety, her reproductive system has always been a little funky which I know can turn dangerous real quick.
  4. BookThief

    Unknown Predator

    Sorry it's long. If you don't want to read, here's the very short version: 1 chicken dead with no known cause, 1 missing. Some of the live chickens and ducks have saliva on them but no injuries or broken bones. What happened? The full version: Last night, my fiance woke me up at 4:30am and...
  5. Diggypup

    Quail dieing

    -WARNING ON IMAGES- I have an emergency, i lost i think 7 quail in the past 5 days, 3 were a month old and 4 were 2 months old 2 male 3 female and 2 unknown. They stopped laying eggs and all the females started losing alot of weight. They all got along no injuries or fights but i did have alot...
  6. ThreeHappyDucks

    Help My Pekin duck is bleeding from her vent. Corid doesn’t seem to work.

    Hi my 1year old female Pekin duck Cheeseball is bleeding with clear discharge out of her vent. She is not moving and eating for 2 days. We gave her corid having thought that she had coccidiosis however later my husband and I noticed the blood was not mixed with her poop but comes after the poop...
  7. A

    Blood and discharge coming from Chicken's vent!

    Hello, I have a sick chicken and would appreciate some help. Parsnip is a 1 year old Chalk Hill Blue hybrid (a blue egg layer). She is part of a flock of 4 backyard hens, who have been kept in a cage for bird flu reasons (We are in the UK). They are fed on layers pellets with a handful of corn...
  8. Nadilli

    PLEASE HELP Feathers being pulled + bumble foot

    This little girl, named Willow (Willow Ptarmigan) is having some issues, apx 9-10 weeks old . I recently got her from a local breeder, and she’s had issues from day 1, with her own clutch mates! My older chickens don’t bother her at all but her clutch mates constantly pick at her tail feathers...
  9. Puddingtheamericana

    Bloody falling apart eyeball, god help me

    update of wry neck chicken, she can walk around but still has the wry neck sometimes fumbles over. the otherday i noticed a bump like something in her eye, so i get a closer look kinding pulling at it thinking it’s like a bit of strawberry i just fed the chickens and i noticed, jeez, it’s a...
  10. C

    Clogged vent and vent prolapse?

    We noticed on Sunday our baby had a super dirty butt. We brought her inside and noticed her vent had prolapsed. My MIL came over and was able to clean her and push it back in and everything was fine. Yesterday we were worse than the original. Today I feel even though I have done everything I...
  11. C

    Bloody broken beak…

    Came outside this morning and three of my girls have bloody or broken weeks. I’m assuming they were trying to get something on the other side of the fence, what can I do? Should I separate them so they don’t get picked? Thank you!!
  12. S

    Chick hatched but there’s blood??

    We have had a chicken sitting on eggs for a few weeks and they are now hatching. She kept one chick and stopped sitting on all the other eggs so we have brought them in under a heat lamp. They are doing well now, except for one. He was the coldest but perked up a little after under the warmth...
  13. H

    My chicken can’t see

    Hello everyone. My name is Hunter and I have quails. Some boys and some girls. I have noticed that one of the boys has been pecking another boys eye and now the bow has dried blood on one of his eyes and can’t ope it. The other eye is just shut. Is there any suggestions on what I can do to get...
  14. wat_da_cluck

    Is this Coccidiosis?

    Found in coop. 5 week old chicks that have just been moved outside. Not sure which one it is - so I split the group in half for the night and will try to figure out from there. Kinda crazy bc these guys have only been outside grazing the last 5-7 days and temps haven’t been above 73 so not...
  15. Yucky_ducky_kentucky

    bloody poop. My young chicken that’s almost lost its peep pooped blood last night

    Does anyone know what’s wrong from the pics? I separated him. I gave them vegan macaroni leftovers yesterday. Here’s the link to the recipe, maybe it’s from that? Sorry for the disgusting 🤮 pics
  16. Q

    HELP! BLOODY POOP! Is my 4 month old California Quail sick?

    Hello Everyone, I hope you're all doing well! I'm new to quail and birds in general, so I'm hoping to get a little bit of insight from others who may have faced a similar problem before. I have a 4 month old California Quail who was hatched in an incubator after the nest was abandoned (the...
  17. BlueHorse17

    Chicks Pooping Blood

    Hello all! One of our chicks started pooping blood last night. They are about 2 weeks old. Coccidiosis maybe? I have Corid to treat them. I just wasn’t sure the proper dosage as I’ve never done it with chicks before. The chick is acting fine but I want to get it early while I can.
  18. M

    Dried blood under duck wing

    Please see photos. There appears to be dried blood under my ducks feather. She was fine this morning and when I checked on her this afternoon, I noticed flies on her and the blood. There appears to be no active bleeding. She can still move both wings. She is eating and drinking. I separated her...
  19. bread98

    Chicks w/ Mucousy poos + bloody poo, 1 Bit by rooster

    Hi - last friday I got 2 baby chicks, a buff orpington and a barred rock, the day the store got them, so I believe they are almost a week old now. They are in a little laundry tote with paper towels and a heat lamp. When we brought them home the next day we spent some time in my yard while it...
  20. Goosebaby

    What causes droppings like these?

    Blood, mucous, possible intestinal lining, gas. Any thoughts?
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