1. exactlyzac

    WHAT IS THIS THING?? Giant blood clot? Undeveloped embryo?! (WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES)

    WHAT IN TARNATION??!! I was cleaning out the coop this morning and found a bloody lump of something... strange. It was alongside the other droppings under the perch. It looks like maybe an undeveloped egg, but I really can’t tell. There’s quite a bit of what looks like coagulated blood in there...
  2. aliciawrenn

    Blood clot-Who, why, emergency?

    Found this large blood clot on the coop floor this morning. The other image is a smaller clot just cropped photo. We have 20 hens, 3 roosters, 1 female turkey and one Tom turkey. The Tom does not sleep in the coop and rarely goes in. Any idea how to determine who this came from as no one is...
  3. C

    Scalped to the Skull, Pullet Silkie

    I let the chickens out, and as I was putting egg shells in the compost I noticed someone was in the corner. I got her inside upon realizing she was injured, cleaned her with some soup and water (gently, with a clean wrag) then applied neosporin. She's currently in a cat carrier, and she's...
  4. paradisepentacoop

    5 week old Australorp with issues

    Good day everyone, I spend a bunch of time observing my chicks to get a feel for their personalities. I have a mixed flock of two Silver Sebrights, three Golden Sebrights, and two Australorps. They have been moved from their dog crate brooder to a much larger temporary coop and have been loving...
  5. H

    Tips on how to care for a one-eyed chicken

    So this morning, my smallest chicken survived a hawk attack. She's 3 years old and I'm pretty sure she's now blind in her right eye, which I think is the eye that she used to see things up close. After being frozen for a few minutes, she started walking around. I threw her favorite food in...
  6. findthejoys

    Blood splatter in coop, nesting boxes, all over the waterer and feeder!

    I can't figure it where it's coming from! I have one hen that is molting. Otherwise, I have 8 seemingly healthy hens, but every time I go out to the coop/run there is blood splattered! Today two hens have blood on their backs, but it doesn't look like it came from them. What do I do?!
  7. Sugarcoop

    Rooster’s feet/spurs bleeding, don’t know what to do!

    My one and a half year old rooster has a bleeding foot, and I’m unsure about whether it’s coming from the spur or a wound on the leg itself. He lives in a spacious coop with 5 hens, and acts/looks completely normal and healthy. However, his feet do bleed pretty often (around once every 2 months...
  8. V

    Hawk got one girl, noticed blood on poop board

    On this past Wednesday, November 22nd, a hawk attacked one of my chickens and messed her up pretty bad. Her back was a bloody mess and I took her to my vet who gave her a couple stitches, gave me antibiotics to give her, and charged me 360 bucks. Oh my goodness. My hurt girl is in my bathroom...
  9. GGx

    Draining blood from a chicken that's already dead

    Hi, I'm writing a scene for a novel but, never having reared or culled chickens, I'm hoping you can help me get it right. It may seem frivolous to be asking hypothetical questions in a forum but we novelists get a very hard time for not doing our research. A dog (a hunting breed) gets into the...
  10. S

    Blood/Worms in Poop?

    Hi all, I found a dropping of poop this morning that, although it did not look bloody, it looked either like worms... or a piece of intestinal lining... I am unsure which is why I am posting here. One of our girls has always had watery poop, done a lot to try and fix it. Sometimes it is...
  11. N

    Assisted hatch - uh oh, too early?!

    I am on day 24 of my first hatch. I have had 29 successful chicks hatch from day 20-21 and 6 eggs remaining. I candled and listened to the remaining eggs and all but 1 appeared dead. That one was chirping away loudly around 8 hours ago. I listened to it now and it sounded very weak and only on...
  12. K

    my chicken looks like her organs are falling out urgent please help

    i dont know whats happening she was fine yesterday shes just laying down and it looks like an egg or something is coming out of her shes all bloody and theres maggots too i dont know what to do please fast tw for image bc its graphic also edit shes 3 years old and hasnt laid eggs in a while...
  13. MacChickens

    Blood in coop, below roosting bar this morning

    Went to let the hens out this morning, and I noticed blood in their coop, right below the roosting bar: Things to note: 1. Noticed one of the hens (shown below) looks smaller - possible weight loss in the past 2 weeks. 2. Same hen - change in comb size (smaller) and color (duller). 3. Same hen...
  14. Jaxolotl

    Help! Chicken crop turning black!

    Hi folks, this is my first time really talking here, but I’ve seen that a lot of good advice can be found for helping chickens in need. One of my hens was displaying symptoms of sour crop, I massaged her crop a few nights ago, and she regurgitated quite a bit of solids and liquids, and towards...
  15. MIgardengal

    Mystery!!!! Missing feathers.

    It happened again today, between 12 & 3 pm. We have been checking her multiple times a day. And I’m getting frustrated! Over the past 1.5 months one of my hens, has lost her butt feathers. Once a week it seems I come outside to find her with a bloody back end from broken feathers. I bring her...
  16. Artchickenlover21

    Bad diarrhea, poopy butt, flecks of blood, hiding in nest box

    I have a hen who has been getting lots of issues lately. First, a few weeks ago, it seemed she had sour crop, but then it went away by itself before I had a chance to treat it. Now suddenly she's unhealthy again. She's been hiding in a nest box all day and this morning it looked like she was...
  17. Kiwi_The__arnevelder

    Blood feather on feet

    My hen has a blood feather! Im not sure how i should treat it any advice? Please help
  18. ahodges

    Surprising red/orange mucus in poop - please advise!

    We are very new to backyard chickens but so far have successfully raised 8 newborn chicks to be an 8 week old happy healthy flock! One turned out to be a rooster, so about a week ago we gave him back to the farm we got them from, and they were kind enough to trade us a hen who they estimated to...
  19. briannamonique16

    Blood/ Bleeding in Poop from Silkie

    Just picked up 5 new chickens, not sure of age but they’re probably 8-10 week old silkies. I have isolated the one with blood. This is what the blood looks like. It looks like a blood clot too. Can someone help me/give me tips on what to do? Another chicken had green poop as well… again, I just...
  20. E

    Small amount of dark red in poop - Coccidiosis?

    Hi everyone! By way of introduction- I am a long time lurker but first time poster! My girls are nearly 2 years old and they are my babies, I hatched them from an incubator by myself. I am a complete and total helicopter mummy and am devoted to my 3 beautiful girls. The issue at hand: When...
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