1. Clappmeg

    Silkie coloration

    Hi all! I'm wondering what you think of this silkie roo of mine. He's got a silver/red/partridge coloring with tan/brown spots on his wing feathers. He's obviously not show quality but I think he's just gorgeous! I've never seen any other silkie that looks like this! Thoughts?
  2. MysteryChicken

    Chicken Breeding Projects, For 2020!

    Hello chicken peoples, I would like to hear your breeding projects for 2020? Here's a couple projects I'll be working on, and/or continuing. My 2020, Breeding Projects: #1. Wheaten Crele Orpingtons #2. Non-Fighting Muff GameFowl My Future Breeding Projects: #1. Crele Silkies #2. Rainbow Laying...
  3. T

    Gold blacklaced cochin x

    So I have a trio of gold blacklaced cochins and I was wondering wether there's another cochin color which i can cross to the gold blacklaced, but still get pure color offspring of one or both of those colors? Ex: blue marans x black marans= 50/50 pure black or blue
  4. CoturnixComplex

    CC's Coturnix Color Chat Thread Directory

    Hi guys! This is mostly a placeholder for now because I'm sleepy but if I don't get started on it I never will. These are all going to be links to individual threads for most of the major colors and their combinations including links to all the information we can scrounge on the genetics and a...
  5. AltonaAcres

    Mini Rex Rabbit Breeding

    Hey there! I am starting out my Mini Rex breeding program, and I am looking for a little guidance. I have been breeding Holland's for quite some time, but I have decided to be done with them after my best one dying, my other best one being too old to show/breed, lots of failed litters, etc.. I...
  6. 3clucks

    What would he go with?

    I have this rooster that has very unique colors and would like to use him in a breeding program, what type of hen should I put him with.
  7. Beccazon

    What is your favorite chicken breed?

    Everyone has a favorite or two. I am new to raising and trying several. For many reasons. We want eggs. We want meat. We want some just to enjoy watching (pretty, unique, personality) and even befriending. Please tell me what your favorite breeds are and why. I will post the same question in the...
  8. rascal66

    Hints of blue down?

    I couldn't resist... Grabbed another couple EEs. Its an addiction i tell you. Anyways, I'm trying to nab some blue-ish EEs. While this chick below is clearly a brownish red color, I couldn't help but notice the blue/gray down on the shoulders. Does down ever hint at adult colors? Will she sport...
  9. Thornflower_gal

    Breeding coturnix quail color questions

    I am new to BYC and this is the third time I've posted this, (hopefully in the right spot now), but I have some questions about quail color varieties. I am not THAT new to quail and I do have some basic quail color knowledge, (pharaoh being dominant, italian incomplete, things like that), but I...
  10. rascal66

    Anyone breeding Easter Eggers? If so, please share pics!

    I'm seriously a nut for Easter Eggers. I want to breed them and start making and selling my own! Anyone out there ever bred them? I would love to see pictures of the breeds/parents used and see the chick colors! Today I went to the farm store and couldn't help but pick up a couple EEs. If...
  11. Lane Rae

    Partridge Orpington ColorOrpington, Breeding Questions

    It's taken me a while to finally decide on what pattern to focus on for my Orpingtons and I've decided on Partridge. If someone would be kind enough to answer some questions for me I'd appreciate it. I know these questions are very basic but since I'm learning I must start at the beginning...
  12. Chichero

    What color will I get.

    I'm breeding a cuckoo silked serama cockerel over a koi / tri colored silked feathered and partridge colored silked feathered hen. Will the cuckoo color dominate or will I get a variety of colors from this trio. I have 2 mottled silked feathered pullets, 1 brown and white and 1 black and white...
  13. 3clucks

    Amerucana exhibition colors.

    Hi there, I have a lavender Amerucana hen that I am interested in entering at some shows. I have looked online to make sure that color is recognized by the APA but can’t seem to find a definitive answer.... does anyone know whether it is? Or what the recognized amerucana colors are by the APA?
  14. Miriah132

    Blue or black maran?

    I have this young cockerel BBS Maran. He is about 7 weeks old. At first I was pretty certain he was going to be black but as he grows he still has some grey feathering. Is this little guy blue or black? He hatched with both blue and splash marans from the same trio but I’m not sure what color...
  15. Newchickymama37

    Posting up pictures of my babies for guesses!!!

    So my babies are now over 2 weeks old! I’ve posted before when I first got them but I figured it would be fun to post and ask again. Any guesses as to breed? I have 9 bantam and 6 full sized. I know they’re too young to guess sex still but let’s have fun!
  16. PoultryQueen101

    Crossing Colors of Lahores?

    I'm new to the Lahore breed so I'd love some help. I have a pair of black, which black. But then I have a trio. I know for sure the silver is female because she laid eggs and is currently sitting. However, there is a dun and a black also in there and I'm not sure which one is the...
  17. Newchickymama37

    Any idea what breeds they are?

    Saturday we bought 16 new baby chicks from our local TSC but i have no idea what breed any of them are! I bought the last 6 larger yellow ones they had left from one bin for $1.99 but there was nothing saying what kind they were. Also purchased 10 out of the bin titled bantam straight runs. If...
  18. Margaretlumley01

    Hen and chick show TODAY!!!

    Today is the day to show of your favorite hen or peeper! A quick example: (Pic) Name age breed A little something about her Your state. Does she lay yet? Thanks for joining! Also show off any cool birds you have around (peacocks...
  19. Amer

    Project Pictures

    I am a fan of color and breed projects people have. Gift me with pictures. And discuss the background and genetics that went into it too. :ya
  20. Amer

    What is your favorite color?

    Post it. Don't you love polls? If you strive to be different and have something else like teal, *cough* @RiverStorm *cough* post below. @Hybridchucks @caboodleschicks You are amongst the chosen ones.
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