1. GlicksChicks

    What are Your Go-To Recipes for Using Up Eggs?

    I have an abundance of eggs and I have been looking for egg recipes and most are the same recipe just add a different vegetable or seasoning. So, what is everyone's go-to egg recipe? Let's discuss recipes that you have found that use up eggs, recipes you enjoy, and ones you find yourself...
  2. hinoiteam

    Baking/Cooking Thread

    A thread for bakers and cooks of all ages, Here you can share your beautiful (or not so beautiful) creations, ask for tips and talk about everything surrounding the topic! I owe all of my knowledge to my mom and i would love to share it with other people!
  3. HenriettaPizzaNolan

    What is your favorite way to prepare a whole chicken?

    Hi everyone! I processed my first meat birds (CX) in the fall and have been enjoying pulling meat from the fridge to cook with that I pieced out after processing. Delicious! Best chicken I've ever had! Anyway, I left 2 birds whole and I really want to cook at least 1 whole and do something...
  4. Scrumptious Scrambled Eggs

    Scrumptious Scrambled Eggs

    If you're looking for a tasty breakfast and you want a simple recipe, or if you don't know what to make with your wonderful eggs, then look no further than this recipe for perfect scrambled eggs every time! WARNING: Eggs cook fast, but they also burn fast! Do not leave eggs on heated pan...
  5. Kittys Coop

    Can you use edible flowers if your chickens free range?

    Hi! A lot of my birds free range and it’s brought up a question. Can identified edible flowers still be used if your birds free range? If you know anything about Upstate NY in May a lot of our fields are covered in Dandelions and I would like to make some jelly. I would of course be cleaning and...
  6. S


    Hi Guys and Gals, I'm pretty new at raising chickens and figured Black Australorps would be the best starter...Needless to say, they have been incredible so far. Truth is, they're not pets and they are being raised for their eggs, but the day will come when we'll need to start thinking about...
  7. Joyfillednomads

    Duck & Chicken egg French Toast

    "Duck & Chicken egg French Toast" Best used with older not fresh bread. Heat cold pressed extra virgin olive oil in pan. Mix eggs with & ingredients Spices: Real vanilla extract Cinnamon Nutmeg Ground clove Allspice Kosher sea salt Can add a table spoon or so of milk. Allow each slice of...
  8. Joyfillednomads

    Old fashioned Donuts pan fried with fesh eggs

    Trying always to make stuff with eggs, of course, that's not just the same old same old thing... so this morning I made delicious donuts. The orange Halloween sprinkles are pumpkin spice.
  9. BReeder!

    Preserving Your Harvest

    We have a garden that had produced very well this year. In fact, it's our best garden in 6 years and two homes. I have a real passion for growing food we can eat. It's always great to have a salad fresh picked form the garden or cook a meal with fruit and vegetables, and even meat, harvested...
  10. Tag-teamed breakfast by S&M cooking and photography!

    Tag-teamed breakfast by S&M cooking and photography!

    Tag-teamed breakfast by S&M cooking and photography!
  11. chicken3fly

    tasty treats

    hi guys on monday we made caramel popcorn & it was so good it tasted better than store bought popcorn ! il'l give u the resipe in a moment this is a place to share recipes & pictures of treats you have made before or expect to make Anyways heres that recipe caramel popcorn...
  12. ForestAlice

    Eating Eggs? (Egg Safety Questions!)

    I've had my three city girls for about 4 years now. We started raising them solely because I'm a huge bird person- and I was in a really dark place at the time, and they were the perfect therapy. My babies have been adults for quite awhile now- and they've been laying steadily their whole lives...
  13. HuskerHens18

    How Many Bantam Eggs Makes One Large Egg

    My kitchen scale is broken, I had used it to weigh my chickens a while back and well.. they freaked out and broke it :hmm I have never tried to use bantam eggs in recipes, my first thought was just to weigh them and compare... but yeah, scale won't read anything. So as the title says, how many...
  14. Lady Hermione

    World Egg Day
  15. Lazy Farmer

    Cooking with Connie. A "Cook-a-Long" thread

    Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me you ears! Wanna have some fun on BYC while feeding your family's faces? No strings attached. No prizes. No awards. You do nothing but share the photo(s) of the predetermined dish on the pre posted date. Details in the next post below.
  16. Frittata


  17. FluffTheDuck

    Share your hobbies!

    Yep, share what you like to do! Whether it's feather glittering or anything, share it! If it's something crafty you can post pictures! If it's like origami you can post pictures! If it's feeding wild ducks bread you can post pictures! Share what you love to do, here!
  18. oli220

    Looking for Emu Eggs

    Hello All! I am in central PA and am looking for emu eggs (for cooking). Are there any farmers around PA, MD, OH, WV, or VA selling emu eggs?
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