1. HuskerHens18

    How Many Bantam Eggs Makes One Large Egg

    My kitchen scale is broken, I had used it to weigh my chickens a while back and well.. they freaked out and broke it :hmm I have never tried to use bantam eggs in recipes, my first thought was just to weigh them and compare... but yeah, scale won't read anything. So as the title says, how many...
  2. WitchyCatlady

    World Egg Day
  3. Farmer Connie

    Cooking with Connie. A "Cook-a-Long" thread

    Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me you ears! Wanna have some fun on BYC while feeding your family's faces? No strings attached. No prizes. No awards. You do nothing but share the photo(s) of the predetermined dish on the pre posted date. Details in the next post below.
  4. Frittata


  5. FluffTheDuck

    Share your hobbies!

    Yep, share what you like to do! Whether it's feather glittering or anything, share it! If it's something crafty you can post pictures! If it's like origami you can post pictures! If it's feeding wild ducks bread you can post pictures! Share what you love to do, here!
  6. oli220

    Looking for Emu Eggs

    Hello All! I am in central PA and am looking for emu eggs (for cooking). Are there any farmers around PA, MD, OH, WV, or VA selling emu eggs?
  7. KLIL

    What's for Dinner?

    Hi Everyone, Thought I would make a post to share recipes, dinner ideas with each other, get to know each other a bit better and ask how to make something you would like to make. Tonight for dinner is Slow Cooked Chicken Fajitas. I will post photos last today. What are you having for...
  8. Nats Chickens

    Who enjoys cooking?!

    Anyone here enjoy cooking? Well, I have to say that I technically can cook food, but am much more of a wizz at baked goods. Anyone got any good recipes or things they wanna share? I know my favourite thing to make is apple pie and ice cream. Also chocolate fudge is nice, and anything that...
  9. wisemike

    Is it safe to eat wild/city pigeons?

    I am staying in Dublin, Ireland, and I was wondering if I caught wild city pigeons, are they safe to eat after cooking well? Or they do have parasites that won't be gotten rid of by cooking? Everybody eats fish from the sea, or other birds we hunt.. right? So, apart from that "yucky" thought...
  10. HappyGoDuckie

    Duck Love Hurts (And Some Other Stories)

    Most difficult thing I've faced so far while raising these ducks is convincing others I'm not a cutter, I just have ducks who won't sit still for their pedicures. But they make it so hard not to snuggle them just look at this face. Who can resist that face when it's giving you puppy dog eyes...
  11. Farmer Connie


    This Thread is in conjunction with: SPRING CHICKEN Contest Series Extravaganza! ALL MEMBERS MAY ENTER!
  12. Farmer Connie

    SPRING CHICKEN Contest Series Extravaganza!

    A Cooking/Recipe/Craft/Talent Multi-Contest Event. This List of Mini-Contests will continue to Grow! FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY COOKING-BAKING-RECIPE MINI-CONTEST #1 ENDED DRESS UP YOUR CHICKEN! MINI-CONTEST #2. ENDED MAKE A CAKE MINI-CONTEST #3 ENDED...
  13. Farmer Connie

    POT LUCK PHOTO CONTEST W/Farmer Connie ______________________ _______________________ I created this Contest/Competition for fun and interaction between the Members of this fine online...
  14. LovinThisFarmGirlLife

    Dual purpose chickens?

    Hi there. I've been researching the chicken breeds we have and I'm wondering about birds who are good for eggs and meat. I have several chickens who are at the end of their laying days. They were hand-me-downs from the people we bought our house from. Most of them are meat/egg birds, so my...
  15. DuckLady

    Aprons- Church Lady Style $40- US shipping included

    Offering church lady aprons inspired from a pattern by Mary Mulari that are made with quilt shop quality fabric with coordinating lining. The fabric is 100% cotton quilt shop quality and drapes beautifully. This lined apron features fully lined double pockets on the front, long ties with...
  16. Custard

  17. Farmer Connie

    SHOW OFF YOUR YUM! Food Photography Thread

    Time to SHOW OFF your yummy-ness! Your cooking, baking, frying. Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Late night snack. Cookies/Cakes/BBQ From your Garden or Pantry. Sharing recipes is optional. This Thread has a dual purpose. Showing off your hard work in the kitchen.. and showing off your photography...
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