1. S

    Alright, so is this bumblefoot? no open wound.

    one of my quail seems to have like a cyst or something on his foot pad, without a noticeable open wound, just a teeny bit of inflammation. It's a soft lump, so it probably isn't cancer, and antibiotics(neosporin) were adminishered topically. What should i do, i don't want to pop it because then...
  2. JuneJ58732

    Is this a feather cyst or something else?

    Hello, this is my first time posting. One of my hens has this strange skin ball that is attached to her neck, I noticed it a few weeks ago. I've attached pictures but I couldn't really get up close or get many angles. It's red, like her skin, and yes she is missing some feathers on her neck...
  3. H

    new member sort of

    Hi, we posted before under my daughters account, but I lost the password. We have had many breeds, Americanas, Sebrights, Brahmas, Call Ducks, Cochins, Silkie, Polish, Australorp, Austrawhites, Wyandottes, Golden Comet Sex Links, Japanese, Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rock, Old English, D Uccle...
  4. V

    Please help - hens eye has swollen up bad

    hi One of our hens eyes had swollen up badly She can’t see out of her eye She has two ball like swelts one over the eye and one under She has had antibiotics and it’s been getting cleaned , at the start we managed to get some puss out of her eye and nose - green like puss Would a cyst...
  5. tracy.lewis

    Gosling Help Needed

    I have a new pair of French Toulouse Goslings, about 1.5 weeks old. My male, Henry, has a large, hard lump on his right side close to his upper chest/lower neck. It feels like a cyst, but I’m not sure. He’s eating and drinking water. He’s not as active as his partner, Eloise. I’m going to the...
  6. Jeff_Mamet

    Sea Gull Has Growth Above Bill

    A sea gull showed up in Culver City, CA, three days ago with a large growth above its bill (in front of its right eye). It is near the bike path along La Ballona Creek (just west of Sepulveda Blvd and south of Lucerne Ave.). Does it need to be treated?
  7. SheenaBee

    Hard Bony Mass on Silkie Rooster

    Good Morning Everyone, This is my first post here, but I'm hoping that someone may be able to point me in the right direction or give me some insight... I have a Silkie bantam Rooster (the most cuddly, loving little guy) that is about 7 months old. In the last month, he's had a hard bony feeling...
  8. DiamondSwan

    Duck with bulging cyst below eye

    Daisy (my 2 year old Welsh Harlequin) has a hard, bulging cyst below one of her eyes and it seems to be getting bigger. I'm thinking that she scratched it with a dirty web, causing it to become infected (probably doesn't help that she swims in a pond, either). There is some occasional white...
  9. 1 Farm Girl

    Chicken pooped out Something strange looking

    Does anyone know what my chicken pooped out? She has been sick not eating, laying, tail down for about 5 days, off to her own corner. also had a small cyst above the eye for more than a year. Thinking she may have been impacted but not sure. Her belly was not really large. I cut it in half so...
  10. nobleschicks

    Cyst? Abscess?

    Need Help! I noticed my girl limping I checked a couple weeks ago for bumble foot but no marks so I thought maybe the drake was too hard with her because he’s like twice her size now today I catch her again and see this abscess how do I treat it? It’s mainly the top of her ankle.... I have...
  11. theturkeymom

    Large lump/tumor near turkey's oil gland??

    Hi there, I'm worried about my turkey hen who has been acting sickly for the past three days. She looks very miserable, with her tail drooping at all times and her back feathers ruffled. She has little to no appetite (managed to get three little pieces of bread in her yesterday) but is...
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