1. AshleyNicole06


    just a question... Can you feed ducks Cheerios?? :) :)
  2. AshleyNicole06

    Need Duck Names...

    we rescued a Cayuga drake maybe 2 or so months ago.. he doesn’t have a name yet. We just call him black. Lol I want him to have a cute name like my other ducky’s. Their names are: Puddles, Waddles and Bear. And they are Rouens. Here is a picture of him..
  3. AshleyNicole06

    First Aid Kit...

    what would you put in your “barn first aid kit”? Especially for ducks??
  4. Puddles7.15.17

    Mallard duck bill is flakey

    My drake’s bill looks flakey up top. I’m not sure if it’s normal or not! Please help! He’s 6 months old!
  5. AshleyNicole06


    Just wondering if it’s true that you can put Vaseline on ducks feet so they don’t get frostbit? What have you used?
  6. AshleyNicole06

    Merry Christmas!

  7. AshleyNicole06

    Would you do this? :)

    So I found these pictures on Pinterest and google... lol I was wondering if anyone has ever taken their ducks on a “walk”? How well did it work? I think it’d be cute. Lol
  8. AshleyNicole06

    Do ducks get colds?

    It’s been very cold here.. Do ducks get colds?
  9. AshleyNicole06

    What is he doing..?! Lol!

    Please let me know what he’s doing. Lol And also if the link doesn’t work!
  10. AshleyNicole06

    Posting a video...

    I tried to post a video that’s only 30 seconds long.. and it would let me because the file was too large. Is there a way I can load it to a new thread?
  11. AshleyNicole06

    Duck entertainment...

    Besides swimming... what do you do to keep your ducks entertained?? Do they play toys? What kind of toys do they like? Mine are getting lazy.. I’m guessing it’s because winter is here!
  12. AshleyNicole06

    Would this work?!

    So I have an old dog house that looks like this... Would it work for 3/4 ducks at night?? (Only at night) And let them out in the morning... I need something ASAP to get my babies out of the wind and cold! Any other suggestions would work too! TIA!
  13. AshleyNicole06

    It’s getting cold here! Ducks absolutely will NOT use their house!

    It’s getting real cold here in Iowa! My ducks refuse to sleep in their house! They would rather sleep in the grass or on cement! Even right next to it! Sometimes I catch them hanging out in it in the morning or during the day though. I think they’re going to get very cold.. especially at night...
  14. AshleyNicole06

    Looking for new ducklings...

    Where do you all order your ducklings? Good websites/hatcheries? Any of them have free shipping?
  15. AshleyNicole06


    Did any of you dress up your ducks for Halloween? Or just for fun? Diapers? Sweaters? Anything? I want to see pictures! :)
  16. AshleyNicole06


    My 3 drakes have a “This is MINE!” attitude! Trying to put new straw while they’re in their house and they nip at our clothes and go up our arm. Trying to tell us to get out. I don’t know what to do. :)
  17. AshleyNicole06

    Rescue duck? What should I do?

    There is a duck that I think needs to come live with me instead of the small pond it lives on in town. It used to live on someone’s property but they dumped it off there. (It’s the only one there) It doesn’t fly at all.. I’m worried for it..beings winter is coming and it gets real cold here! I...
  18. AshleyNicole06

    Getting more ducks?

    i have 3 drakes and am planning on getting more ducklings in the spring. (A few females and more drakes) Will the older ones accept the new ones or hurt them? Not like them? I read somewhere they might not take a liking to them. Thanks
  19. AshleyNicole06


    I was wondering what you all do for your ducks in the winter? I have 3 ducks (7 months old) What kind of shelter do you use? We have a small house for them with straw, but they would rather sleep in the grass.. in the cold wind and everything. (Yes they know it’s there) :) Do you change their...
  20. AshleyNicole06

    Rouen or Mallard?!

    Rouens or Mallards???
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