1. binji

    best way to travel short distances with ducks?

    im really hoping to take my 2 muscovy drakes to the vet soon, and need to know how to most minimize stress. chances are, we'll be going in a truck so theyd be in the bed. it would be about an hour from here to the vet, so a two hour round trip. i have one dog kennel and no clue if they'll both...
  2. binji

    drake territorial over pool

    i have two drakes and only two drakes, and one has become very aggressive over the SHARED pool. he wont let his brother OR me into it,which i think might be part of why fionn's feathers got so bad. they still have the creek, but it's kind of hard to get down to it and id rather them not have to...
  3. M

    Duck behaviour

    Hi, newbie here We have 1 drake and 2 hens, they are about 12-13 weeks old, they have grown up together. Recently it seems the drake is picking on one hen in particular. He wiggles his beak into just above the hens tail and pulls and does it on her chest too. It seems to be more common when im...
  4. D

    Magpie Drakes - Wisconsin

    Hello fellow duck lovers! I'm hoping someone in the WI area can help me out! I currently have 3 drakes and 1 duck/hen - 2 of the drakes are black and white Magpies. All 4 ducks are just over 17 weeks old and are starting to mate with our 1 girl (or trying to at least). We've been reading...
  5. S

    underweight mallard drakes???

    hello! first time poster and duck owner. about two months ago, my family and i acquired some mallard ducks from some terrible living conditions. we live out in the desert; it reaches 120 in the summer sometimes. not exactly an ideal place to own ducks to begin with, but the people who owned...
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