duck house

  1. 3bird

    Our Maine Duck House

    With the silver Appleyard ducklings 4 weeks post hatch and HUGE, there was no longer any excuse for delaying the duck house build. The plan is for a 4'x8' elevated duck house attached to a 12'x8' fully enclosed run. We'll post progress pics as we move along, and we're very open to advice and...
  2. daisydoes

    How big should I make my duck house/run?

    Hello! I am due to receive my very first batch of ducklings (5) in just over a week. I am hoping that with time, I can convince my hubby to let me increase the size of my flock to around 15-25 or so, depending on the amount of space I'm able to build on. I am also hoping to add a couple of geese...
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