What do you think of my first try at duck coop?


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May 11, 2020
Central Virginia
Hi everyone,

This is the first time I've build anything of this magnitude and wanted some thoughts and ideas on my set up and plans. Any criticism or improvement ideas welcome!

Oh, I have 2 Pekin females, 1 Khaki Campbell female, and 1 crested Cayuga or Black Swed(still unsure) male just for reference.

Anyway, the coop is 5x4 and pictured below. I plan to attach it to the outside of a 10x10ft dog pen that is 6ft tall. They will be able to free range the property when we are home in the afternoons and weekends.

Will this be enough space for them to be happy during the day while we are away?

The whole thing will be up against that side of the garage you can see in the picture. For shade I plan to use one of those canopies you use for cookouts or whatever. To keep it from flying away or collapsing I'm gonna fasten it to the dog pen. I'm sure the canapy won't last forever but I don't have the capital for anything any more sturdy at the moment.

To predator proof, I was going to use 12x12in concrete step stones around the bottom of the pen with chicken wire laid underneath the stones and then continues up the side of the pen for 2ft. As well as chicken wire covering the entire top of the pen. On the coop the two vent holes at the top as well as the giant window are covered with chicken wire.

That's about it. Again, any ideas or criticism are welcome! Thank you!

Also, as a side note, do Pekins feather slower than the smaller birds? They're only a week younger but they seem to be 2 weeks behind in feather growth compared to the other two..

Coop with ducks and garage for scale
Different angle of coop
Bonus picture of Cheese and Quackers checking out their new friends!
I think it looks great! I’d be interested in what other more experienced builders than I have to say, but I think it May end up being a little tight for four ducks, especially because Pekings can get large, but if they spend most of their day outside then it shouldn’t be too bad. They look like happy ducks!! :)
It is pricy but there’s always a chance that if you go up 2-3’ a mink or weasel can still climb up and in through the kennel and if you don’t cover the top your ducks will be vulnerable to flying predators and climbing predators
I just expanded the 2 pictures of your duck house and I'm concerned about ventilation as well as security.

That window looks like it is either solid or can be slid open? If so, you need to have some hardware cloth on all of the open spaces or "things" will get in that house!

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