egg laying behavior

  1. BuffBrahmaDramaMomma

    Redd is having trouble laying help

    Redd has been in her coop trying to lay I took her out for playtime and she went right back inside to attempt to lay again She’s tucking a fake egg under her BUT NOT LAYING
  2. Quailberries

    Pullets squawking all winter?

    My four EE pullets are showing signs of POL- squatting, rapid comb growth, egg laying song practice, it's all there. I was told they wouldn't lay until spring because of the lack of sunlight, and while I can be patient for the eggs, I REALLY can't wait for the egg laying ballad rehearsals to...
  3. spiritpots

    Chickens kicking out straw of nesting boxes

    I hope someone can give me some insight into why my chickens keep removing the straw from their nesting boxes, which they have been doing for the last couple of weeks. I have three 18 month old chickens who are currently not laying (they just finished molting and we only have 9-1/2 hours of...
  4. EasterEggerFlocks

    Easter Egger Laying Prediction

    Hello, I'm Wondering about the signs for egg-laying. I know its mostly squatting, red-faced, and hanging around the nesting boxes but I haven't been able to tell for any except the hanging around the nesting boxes. My EE has been doing that lately. I Have a picture of my EE, but I can't...