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    fritz and titz egg container label I made! spelled titz wrong but I'm too lazy to make a new one (don't tell titz).
  2. Cracked


    Using kitchen objects and utensils to create, form, and control lighting and shadows; **used for my photography project**
  3. Raysal

    Help Deformed egg

    Today i got a deformed egg any idea why this happend
  4. 20A9275A-AA55-4820-98A4-6E1AAC10D9E9.jpeg


    These are my farm fresh eggs that my girls laid today!
  5. sunnyflockraiser

    Diatomaceous Earth Benefits???

    Hey! Thanks for swinging by! :celebrate So today I just bought a 40 lb bag of food grade diatomaceous earth for my chickens. I recently just had a mite infestation, so I am using it to prevent them from coming back. I also was wondering is it okay to add into their food? I heard that it can...
  6. C

    Incubation Experiment!

    Hello, everyone! I’ve started an experiment with some fertile eggs I received from a friend. I am not sure what breed of chicken they are, I have some brown ones, white ones and blue ones. They’re a barnyard mixture. So, the eggs are in a styrofoam cooler. I have hand warmers in the bottom (max...
  7. simonerol

    Rare breed hatching eggs Npip

    Have laying Araucana standard and tufted 10 eggs $35 shipped Cream Brabanter 10-12 eggs $38 shipped Isabel cuckoo Orpington 8 eggs $45 shipped Silverudd’s Blue 12 eggs $45 shipped 12 Pavlovskaya gold, pumpkin and white $45 shipped 10 blue double laced Barnevelder eggs $32 shipped 12 silver...
  8. Happy Henny

    Share your stories of your amazing roosters!

    Hi, I have a lot of cute stories of my chickens but the one that stands out the most is the story of my Black Ameraucana rooster, named Dotty. So, It was evening time so we went outside to close the chickens in. We had already closed in all of the coops except for the "Big Old Coop" as we...
  9. ichigogirl83

    Looking to buy eggs in SW Missouri area

    I am looking to buy eggs from a local source that has ethical practices such as: Treating their animals with the best care, Not butchering their chickens, Not a business, Chickens treated as loved pets. I don't want to support big businesses that abuse their animals and would really love to...
  10. is it healthy for my chickens to eat their own eggs?

    is it healthy for my chickens to eat their own eggs?

    i’m vegan so i have no intention of eating my chickens eggs. i know it’s common for chickens to eat their own eggs, but is it healthy? does it give them protein or vitamins that they lost while laying eggs? because if it is good for them i’ll just let them eat their eggs. they haven’t started...
  11. bluekii

    Please help! New to hatching! Day 27 and no pips!

    Hello! Would really appreciate some feedback and advice as I'm really nervous and worried about my first incubation. I have double and triple checked advice and information online to make sure everything goes smoothly, but I'm still worried. Anxiety is nasty! I am hatching six Call Duck eggs...
  12. Indianrunner123

    Bantam and duck eggs

    I own a Brinsea octagon incubator and was wondering if you can put bantam eggs and duck eggs into it at the same time? Will the humidity and whatever else be ok or will this not work out? Many thanks for you help
  13. TLHloveschicks

    Turning a profit off of your eggs?

    Anyone selling your eggs and have a small business going that's making a profit?
  14. Haydog03

    Fertile Eggs in Winter?

    So, my female Pekin (Pato) will be 8 months soon! She’s just laid two eggs. We’re not using them for meat, eggs, or anything. Our ducks are like family. Anywho, we’d like to hatch babies... successfully. It’s winter here and often reaches 20 degrees Fahrenheit. She’s laid them in a box, with...
  15. Pig3on rookie

    Which incubator do I choose?

    everyone needs an incubator if you’re going to hatch eggs. I don’t own any chickens currently, and haven’t for 3 years at least. Homing pigeons have become my newest interest. Amazon does have incubators, but some of the reviews say that the temperature spikes up to high, killing the chicks. I...
  16. CatBaaloo

    Back to Backyard Chickens

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I first had chickens about 40 years ago in 4-H. (2) How many chickens do you have right now? Right now I have 8 birds. 2 Red sex link, 2 black sex link, 2 White laced Wyandotte, and 2 white chickens. They were from the pullet bin at...
  17. C


    Hi all ive just joined backyard chickens ive been reading posts on here for about 5 or 6 weeks now new to hatching chicks though i have about 24 in an incubator all growing lovely (due to hatch next week!) Mostly mille fleur pekins but 3 norfolk greys and have two in a brooder one almost 2 weeks...
  18. SilkieCharlie

    Hatching eggs day 22

    Hello!!:frow I haven't posted in over a year, oops! Last time was about my silkie rooster, who still has no interest in mating and probably never will... :barnie:old So now on to my story, we decided this year to buy fertilized silkie eggs to put under our broodies. We got 6, on day 14 I...
  19. Swastik Choudhari

    How many will hatch..??

    So 5 days ago i have my hen 10 eggs..today i candled egg all 10 have veins I know that its all is the game of luck Then too i have question how many will hatch minimum..??
  20. Swastik Choudhari

    Question about calcium..?

    I read most of the threads. Got a lot of information. Giving oysters shells,free ranging ,this-that. I read if excessive its harmful My question is that what amout is harmfull? And what happens if they eat excessive calcium?
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