1. J

    What is happening to my duck eggs? (Long post)

    I'm incubating duck eggs. This is the second time I've attempted. The incubator was cleaned and the duck eggs were wiped off with a dry cloth before placing them in the incubator. I had 8 and all of them were viable but on day 17 it appears only one still has vessels and is moving. The others...
  2. WeTheWeys

    Please Help!!!!! sudden dark spot and no movement in egg

    Today I rotated my eggs and candled, seeing a lot of movement from each. A few hours later, went back in to manually rotate the eggs again, and noticed a dark spot on one of them. Candled it and theres no movement at all. AT ALL. I separated him out from the others and put him in a different...
  3. tjo804

    WARNING, PIC OF DEAD EMBRYO ?Can anyone help determine What day did I loose it.

    We are at day 16. This embryo was moving in the egg, but when I candled day 14 no movement. I traced the dark not moving spot in the egg on she'll with a pencil. It did not move or grow. The blood ring looked darker today As I am trying to learn, I opened the egg the embryo was dead but I am...
  4. WeTheWeys

    When do detached air cells become an issue?

    Hi all! 12 posted duck eggs, 1 infertile, 3 with blood rings. 8 with eyes, a banana shaped body, veins, and a whole lot of movement. They all have been "swinging" back and forth a lot... (is this normal?). We are at day ten. I am curious if the dangerous part of detached air cells has passed...
  5. Hanna8

    Embryos stopped growing, but might still be alive

    First up, this question is actually about cockatiel eggs. I haven't been able to find any information that seems like a match, and the development process is similar enough that I think there's a good chance you'd be able to help me out. Cockatiel eggs take 18-21 days to hatch on average. I...
  6. D

    Duck embryo survived 118º temps in incubator, help?

    We recently had a huge tragedy with our home made incubator, it somehow managed to reach a temp of 118º and with my 5 pekin embryos in it I was sure they were all dead. Once I saw the temp that high I instantly brought them to door and sat them outside in the cold temp (30º) for a few minutes to...
  7. Mamaws Chickens

    We're eggpecting!

    We're eggpecting! I thought getting my first egg was eggciting but this really tops it all.. well until they start hatching I suppose :) ❤❤ (Currently at 3.5 days.)
  8. Farmer Connie

    Float Test Live Eggs? Interesting Video

    This is not my video, just sharing something I saw and thought was intriguing. The settings on the posted video are set for share so here it is. I was only researching the effects of float testing on the early stages of development, as hoping to learn if the float test does in fact, wash away...
  9. beneduck14

    Embryo on TOP of egg?

    So I recently got shipped chicken eggs and put them inside a circulated incubator (without a turner) and the left overs inside another incubator but with a turner and still-air. I found that some eggs more in the incubator with the turner had embryos (day 4) that were halfway into the air sack...
  10. Development of a Chicken Embryo Day by Day

    Development of a Chicken Embryo Day by Day

    This is an explanation of what is happening each day as a chicken embryo develops, complete with candling pictures. The egg I am using is a silver spangled spitzhauben. Definitions you may need: Vitteline membrane: The membrane that surrounds the yolk and separates it from the white...
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