1. Poppy_Nugget

    When to lay bedding down in fall?

    Live in Denver Colorado - temperatures are cooling off at night and next week is a frost warning. Definitely will be laying some hay inside their nesting boxes before the frost though curious if there is a temperature marker when to add more hay or pine shavings inside their coop. How would I...
  2. Drakisha

    Chicken breed

    I want to be sure on what breed this is since we've been told different things. I am still new to chickens and the 3 biggest turned out to all be roosters. The other 2 roosters are blue/grey australorps. So if you could let me know what breed this is, I'd be so thankful. :))
  3. DiYMama540

    Pumpkin pound cake

    Moist and delicious!! Made this today and turned out great! Instead of the glaze included with the recipe, I used cream cheese frosting. Another tweak I made was to cut the cloves back to a 1/4tsp. Perfect! Here's the link to the recipe...
  4. B

    Cochin seems uncoordinated and awkward

    My 14 week old Cochin pullet seems very uncoordinated. When all the chicks first started roosting, I came out and saw her on the top roost bar (3-4 ft high). One morning I saw her get down and it seemed like she missed the lower bar and landed awkwardly on the ground and it sounded loud. She...
  5. S

    I dropped my chick!! Help!

    I was standing and holding a chick and it walked/hopped off my hand and onto the hardwood floor from standing height. I scooped it up quick, held it, then set it down on a flat surface and it was limping. It was not holding its leg up to its body so I hope that’s a good sign. It’s only about a...
  6. K

    I dropped my chicken?

    yesterday my 3 year old hen fell out of my arms when I was standing up, she probably fell around 3-4 feet. She didn’t fly down she fell sideways with her wing out. Afterwards she was making weird sneezing/breathing noises. Will she be ok? How can I tell if I damaged anything? She’s singing...
  7. MysticUniKitty

    Baby chick fell from hole in wall that son stuffed her in! Help!

    So my son wanted his chick to go on an adventure and opened a hole in the wall and stuffed her in. Unfortunately there was nothing to break her fall on the other side. ☹️ I cleaned her off of drywall after breaking a larger hole, i tried looking her over and I didn't see anything noticeable and...
  8. Thechickentrainer1999

    I need an answer fast

    I have to get up very early in the morning and need an answer fast. One of my chickens is molting and the low tonight is 26F. Is that too cold for her to be in the coop. I have 8 others but she's not huddled up with them but instead to the left side with just one other chicken. She has most of...
  9. ForestAlice

    Green Watery Poop? I'm Really Worried.

    My birds are some kind of Ameraucana mix. They're about two years old, this is their second winter. I've noticed that all of them, Duchess starting first, have been molting. Duchess seems to be done, while Biscuit Bird and Mary have been molting a lot and aren't done yet. Their armpits are pink...
  10. I

    Help when eggs stop coming

    I have been raising chickens for 1.5 years I thought I figured things out but I clearly need some advice. In the past I have successfully integrated different adult flocks, introduced mature chicks to the flock, protected coop and pen from coyotes. Last winter solved water freezing issues...
  11. Chicken Tunnel

    Chicken Tunnel

    WINTER IS COMING Fall is here and it's time to start prepping the garden for winter. To help in the work involved I have enlisted my Golden Comets. The challenge I faced was how to allow the chickens safe and consistent access to the garden that is on the other side of the yard. My solution...
  12. Chicken Girl1

    Chicken Girl1's Fall Flock Photos

    Fall Photo Shoots It is the beautiful season of Fall, my favorite time of year, and the hens are having fun in the cool weather. If you don't know about my flock I have 14 hens, different breeds and ages. I make a list real quick before I start pouring out all...
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